Kevin Feige's Secretly Explaining a Scene to Marvel Directors Is Dangerous

Kevin Feige's Secretly Explaining a Scene to Marvel Directors Is Dangerous ...

Kevin Feige has become as well-known as his Marvel stars as he demonstrates both his passion for Star Wars and his ability to design and orchestrate the interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feige and Marvel Studios forged new ground in deciding to provide Disney+ content outside of theaters, while also entering the Marvel Multiverse following the final of the Infinity Saga and the record-breaking success of both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers:Endgame.

Feige hasn''t taken his hands off the wheel despite Marvel''s increase in content and new frontiers. In fact, at 2022''s CinemaCon, Feige revealed that he and his studio are already mapping out the next decade of Marvel films.

Feige isn''t just the "He Who Remains" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; he''s also a shady collaborator. According to one of Marvel Studios'' most talented directors, the studio president knows what works and what does.

Kevin Feige Explains Director''s What Makes a Scene Won''t Work

In a discussion on theEmpire Podcast about Kevin Feige, Marvel director Joe Russo expressed his "sensibility for commercial material" and his deep understanding of how scenes intercede. Russo discussed how Feige''ssubtle movements"are "a great litmus test" for whether a scene will connect with audience members (leaning forward = good reaction, backwards= bad)

Because he is leaning forward, his ability to document commercials is incredible. So if you look at him and see him on screen, you know that the film will be gonna direct an audience. It''s inside of him, because he loves storytelling so much. And when he is leaning backwards, you know how well it works.

Feige can also recognize outstanding talent in addition to being a part of the game. Joe Russo explained that Feige and his brother Anthony not only understood "action storytelling" but "humor too." And that''s part of "the secret sauce at Marvel:"

"Feige is a genius." He was inspired by Community''s paintball episodes and thought, and he loved it all. Every week, he saw those paintball episodes and thought, and he loved it. I loved that these guys do humor and that''s the secret sauce at Marvel, right? It has humor, and heart, and emotion, and it also has humor. It''s hard to find a Marvel film that doesn''t have humor in it somewhere. "

Russo spoke with his and Anthony''s experience in pitching Captain America: The Winter Soldier for 2014, admitting, "It was a lot of filmmakers fighting for the film."

"And we went in the room to pitch on [Captain America: The Winter Soldier] but we were comfortable with where we were in TV at the time, which were usually very happy about our vision. We were also very pleased with how much control we had, because as Look, we produce television constantly, so we can go post-modern with it. So, when we got the job, they gave us a lot of room. So they did for every project we did, it was a completely different experience than we had in the

After receiving Feige''s permission, the endgame director recalled his early years of working for Marvel Studios, stating, "He''ll assist you." He then said, "He''ll assist you in killing half of his characters, he''ll assist you in killing Iron Man:."

"But Kevin is a great collaborator and is very trustful. If you win his trust, you may take risks. Hell support you. Hell support your crazy ideas, hell support with their two main characters, and hell support you killing half his characters, and hell support you killing Iron Man. So we had a fantastic time working with them because we had a great level of control.

Kevin Feige''''s MCU Timeline

There is no doubt that the Russo Brothers have made Mount Rushmore, the director of the MCU.

The Russos directed Captain America: Civil War, atop the main antagonists of Tom Holland''s Peter Parker and Chadwick Boseman''s Black Panther in addition to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Infinity War, and Endgame.

Kevin Feige trusted him and Anthony Russo to kill off half of the MCU cast in Infinity War and Tony Stark''s Iron Man inEndgame. So if anyone knows what it''s like working with Kevin Feige, it''s the Russos.

This interview reveals that Feige is well-known for its storytelling and loves the material as much as the fans, but it also demonstrated that - out ofhaving a plan - Marvel Studios gives directors freedom and control and will even support their "crazy ideas."

Although some have challenged this technique, especially now that fans have more questions than ever about the Multiverse, it''s worth remembering that this approach broughtJames Gunn, the Russos, Taika Waititi, and Ryan Coogler to the MCU.

Feige always has a plan, and as Joe Russo explained, he knows what works, and that will continue to serve the MCU and its supporters for years to come.

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