Son Adonis, Drakes artistic talent, shows off

Son Adonis, Drakes artistic talent, shows off ...

Drake is a well-known musician who has a lot of things to do out of his hip-hop life. He also has his fair share of ups and downs in his life, but he also loves his family. Drakes son Adonis is also very capable by its appearance.

Besides that, he is a very loving son and forever grateful to his mother for everything. He also loves his son Adonis very much as he and his ex Sophie Brussaux welcomed the boy on October 11th, 2017.

Earlier this year, the rapper paid tribute to his son with custom headphones. Not only that, but the rapper also received a custom diamond ring dedicated to his son Adonis.

According to TMZ, Drake''s son Adonis showed off his artistic skill by painting an impressive, colorful abstract. Adonis, his mother Sophie Brussaux took to Instagram and uploaded a photo of herself painting while Adonis did his own thing.

Drake now has a lot of great things in his life, including his own son. He is very proud of Adonis and it shows in all of his posts. It''s important to know what''s next in store for Drake.

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