The Weekly Roundup of May 8

The Weekly Roundup of May 8 ...

In Case You Missed It

How to Reclean Your Finances by Spring

Spring isn''t the only thing that requires spring cleaning... Spring is the perfect time to check in on your finances and make sure you''re on track to achieve your goals.

Pros and Cons of the Latest Version of Your Social Security Statement

You''ll need to look for important information. Grade: C+.

Is It Possible to Handle Your Parents Estate?

There''s good news and bad news. Bad news: your parents may not have their estate in order, and you may not know where to start. Good news: there are solutions.

Control Your Tax Refund Status

Tax refunds are not a savings account. Here''s how to avoid overpaying (or underpaying) taxes during the year.

A Guide to Federal Student Loan Forgiveness

What exactly is student loan forgiveness, and how does it work?

Three powerful types of trusts that may be beneficial to you.

Is a revocable trust, testamentary trust, or irrevocable life insurance trust appropriate for you? (Don''t know what some of those terms mean? Don''t worry, here''s how they all work.)

Ask Bob

How Can I Invest in a Home Sale to Increase Retirement Income?

Ask the Hammer

Will a QCD in Excess of One''s RMD help reduce modified adjusted adjusted gross income for IRMAA purposes?

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