Light-eyed men prefer light-eyed women, but they are concerned by other light-eyed men

Light-eyed men prefer light-eyed women, but they are concerned by other light-eyed men ...

According to reports in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, men with blue or green eyes show a tendency to prefer women who also have lighter colored eyes. Moreover, light-eyed men are more concerned about other light-eyed men as potential romantic counterparts.

Men are confronted with the problem of paternity uncertainty, which relates to men being unsure whether they are the biological father of their children or if another person is. Men can significantly reduce the amount of investment in their partners children. Men tend to invest less in their children when paternity confidence is weak.

Men use physical resemblance as an indicator of genetic relatedness. Men increase their paternity confidence by choosing a mate with the same recessive traits as them. Eye color, which is a highly heritable trait, may influence mens mate preferences and influence male jealousy. Light-colored eyes (blue and green) are a recessive trait, in which it would be unlikely for a child to have brown eyes when both parents have blue eyes.

Paola Bressan, a researcher, studied 1,237 Italian men who describe themselves as heterosexual or bisexual, and prefer their respective partners. 432 of the participants had either blue or green (light-colored) eyes, 805 of the participants had either brown or dark brown (dark-colored) eyes, and 621 of all participants indicated currently having a romantic partner.

10 images of a well-known European lady with different eyes were shown for the participants using a professional photo-retouching software PortraitPro. Half of the participants were shown images of blue/dark brown eyes, while the other half were brown/green eyes.

Participants indicated which female they would choose for a long-term relationship and how attractive the woman is. Among the participants were also shown images of eight identical attractive male faces with the only difference being eye color (light vs dark) participants said that they would be jealous of if their partner suspected it.

The results of this study show that the light-eyed woman was more attractive to men than the dark-eyed woman. Specifically, light-eyed men chosen the light-eyed woman 58% of the time. Light-eyed men were chosen as threats 66% of the time by light-eyed men and 56% of the time by dark-eyed men.

According to Bressan, light-eyed women are preferred by men (especially by light-eyed men) and are rated as more attractive when the man is looking for a long-term relationship. This finding suggests that men are more willing to invest in a woman with the same recessive eye color as him because he is more certain of his paternity when the child also has light-eyed eyes. Light-eyed men may be more jealous/threatened by light-eyed men because

This study focuses on only men, but women are likely to prefer light-eyed men. Some argue that parental investment if European babies eyes are initially blue, regardless of the parents eye color, increases slowly following childbirth.

The study, "Blue Eyes Help Men Reduce the Cost of Cuckoldry," was published on September 27, 2021.

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