In a circulating nude bathtub photo of a woman in pink hair, Amanda Bynes denies being naked

In a circulating nude bathtub photo of a woman in pink hair, Amanda Bynes denies being naked ...

Amanda Bynes, who plays Amanda in the film, has addressed the issue of her alleged nude photo. She has spoken about it and stated that it is false.

The 36-year-old actress got the news about her being naked in a photo. The picture has gone viral since it was published on Twitter earlier this week. It shows a woman naked in a bathtub.

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While speaking to TMZ, Bynes revealed that she never clicked on stunning pictures of herself. So the one which circulates on the Internet is not her, but someone who claims to be the actress.

She also confirmed that she has no connection to the Twitter account where the image was first introduced.

Tamar Arminak, the Attorney General of Bynes, has stated that their legal team has had trouble deactivating the Twitter handle he has used for years, but that has to be denied.

Arminak continued that Twitter had refused to take down the page just because it is a celebrity parody page.

Bynes added to her declaration that her team contacted Twitter for her 9-year conservatism as a catalyst. However, the social media giant refused to budge on its decision.

Arminak admitted that there is nothing bad about her treatment, however, and that Twitter was defying the fact that a parody account was appropriate to conceal her treatment.

Amanda Bynes is in a rocky couple of weeks. A few weeks back, the California-born beauty had a rocky marriage with herfiance Paul Michael. Both parties contacted the authorities.

The What a Girl Wants star accused Michael of abusing drugs and viewing ill-advised porn. She alleged that following their feud, he vandalized his mother''s house.

Michael had announced that she had taken his medications following a post on her Instagram account on 28th April Thursday. She also stated that she threw him out of her house after discovering his behavior disturbing.

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