WATCH: TikTok caught a Florida man photographing her feet on a plane, exposing a woman to a wave of rumors

WATCH: TikTok caught a Florida man photographing her feet on a plane, exposing a woman to a wave of  ...

Some of the most awkward and sometimes most unexpected content to see on TikTok these days, as is the video of a Florida man seen clicking pictures of a woman''s feet. But whether or not, this particular content is unique, and it does. Why is this Florida man doing so?

Read ahead to know more about Florida man videos going viral for taking photographs of a woman''s feet.

So far we have seen many videos on TikTok that are quite different in design. Sometimes we get some ideas and challenges to try. The most recent video on TikTok is of a plane where a woman was driving when she caught a man sitting next to her clicking her feet pic.

TikTok has viewed over three million people on the video, including one who was surprised by why the man was clicking her feets picture on his phone while sitting next to her in the airplane.

alibedrossian posted the viral video of TikTok while riding Delta Airlines. In fact, with her, a Florida man was sitting nearby. The awkward moment though occurred when a woman saw the Florida man taking out his phone and clicking her feets photographs.

On seeing this, she removed her phone and began recording the man clicking her feets pic. In fact, she found this to be a bit problematic for her as she couldn''t understand why the man was clicking her feets pic. The video however even revealed him editing the pic while the man was standing next to him.

As a result of the woman posting a photo of the man with the hashtag Florida man, TikTok users received several reactions. Even the users who watched the video couldnt understand why the man was clicking them.

Several people claimed that he was likely transferring photographs of the women''s shoes to his female friend or girlfriend. Some said that the man must be able to love the women''s shoes and have wanted to pay for someone.

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