The Drakes' House Has Been Overtaken by Territorial Birds

The Drakes' House Has Been Overtaken by Territorial Birds ...

Drake is an ever-changing artist who loves nature while spending his time outdoors in the backyard of his famous estate. This summer, Drake appeared to be embroiled in controversy because his backyard has been overtaken by a few territorial birds.

While it may be beneficial to owning a house, Drake pointed out earlier this week but there are also shortcomings. On Thursday, May 12, the father of one admitted to Instagram that he has a new foe around his house, however, this one isnt human.

The most difficult day of the year, and we cant even enjoy the grounds because these two right here have literally smashed every inch of the property for the past month and a half.

And you know how geese get, plus we got a duck family on here. Like my whole crib has just been reported.

While viewing the two outrageous birds, Drizzy stated from his residence, dubbed The Embassy. He joked, evidently frustrated at being able to fully utilize his $100 million home. Although now Drake may not be permitted to step outside in his backyard.

The highly anticipated return of his beloved OVO Fest will take place later this summer. During an unexpected appearance at the UK rapper Daves program, the 4422 hitmaker shared the amazing news.

As a result of my previous experience in Toronto, this guy right here is a once-in-a-generation figure.

Ob hes rapping, gyneing out his heart, whether hes turning all the way up, or hes playing the piano, or hes performing in our series,Top Boy, I promise you this guy right here is a one of one. Make some muthafcking noise for Dave. They let the city back open so I will see you at OVO Fest soon.

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