In the wake of a formula shortage, Bette Midler has been slammed for trying to help tweet

In the wake of a formula shortage, Bette Midler has been slammed for trying to help tweet ...

After claiming that mothers should simply try breastfeeding due to a nationwide baby formula shortage, Bette Midler was dismissed as unintelligent and obscene.

TRY BREASTFEEEDING! It''s free and available on demand, according to Midler, 76, in response to a news posted by MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle on Sunday''s formula drought.

The baby formula shortage reveals an extraordinary secret oligopoly: Three American businesses are controlling over 90% of the massively restrictive regulations (owing to massive $ lobbying) prohibit foreign formulations.

Midler, a stage and screen star, was greeted with a backlash from several followers, including author Ilyse Hogue, who said, respectfully, this is a very bad take. I had twins. I would have had to have chosen which one to eat. To say nothing of young children who are separated from the birth mothers very early.

Another subscriber described her tweet as profoundly offensive and ignorant, adding that breastfeeding is not an option for many motherstoo many to enter here. And if you have used formula you cant just flip a switch. Millions of babies with milk/food allergies

I love you Bette, but this isn''t okay, according to a fan of Tony Award-winner in response. Despite my best efforts, he kept losing weight, but he was very sensitive to my symptoms, including lactation specialists. It was emotional and I felt like a failure, but at three months I decided to continue to use formula. This is because of the stress it pressed on me and my son.

Midler, who is a mother herself, spoke out about the backlash, declaring that she did not intend to shame people who cannot breastfeed for certain reasons.

People are piling on a remark, according to a previous tweet. It''s a shame if you cant breastfeed, but if you can & are somehow convinced that your own milk isnt as good as a scientifically researched product, then there''s something else again. The monopoly news is for me, therefore, there is no lie. #WETNURSES.

Yall leave Bette alone. Every day, we are manipulated into spending $ and the baby formula isn''t void of the manipulation. There are occasions when women can breastfeed, but they are sold into thinking otherwise. (I dont stand with the wet nurse part tho.)

Some are enraged to think that formula is better than breast milk, but others are ignoring it. Those who don''t breastfeed are a failure. They are not.

Midler and her husband Martin von Haselberg have a 35-year-old daughter named Sophie.

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