In the midst of a scandal, Zack Snyder's Justice League Oscars are slammed by the Academy

In the midst of a scandal, Zack Snyder's Justice League Oscars are slammed by the Academy ...

The Justice League, directed by Ahh, was the movie that was essentially willed into existence by tens of thousands of DC fans. For the uninitiated, Snyder shot almost all the superhero team-upin 2016 but he was forced to step away from the project, thanks to extensive editing. After a few attempts, Snyder gotto step in and finish his version. In fact, it was the Snyder Cut that ended up winning "Best Cheer Moment" at the 2022 Oscars.

The general feeling on the Oscar''s "Best Cheer Moment" category was largely intended as a relief to the legions of audience members who have been disappointed by the Academy''s lack of consideration of popular blockbusters.

The Zack Snyder Justice Leaguescene in question that led to this victory featured Ezra Miller''s Flash running so fast that time itself is reversed, causing a catastrophe by the film''s villain. Was it as it sounded over the Academy Award''s win?

Did Twitter Bots Causethe Snyder Cut to Win?

On Thursday, The Wrapreported that a hashtag thatanalyzesTwitter hashtags seemed to indicate that the most active accounts that contributed to the Oscars'' award for fan-favorite movies were likely automated bots. This information could result in a vote being rigged in favor of Zack Snyder''s Justice League. However, the accounts in question might reportedly not be "definitively declared" as bots.

When confronted with this possibility of error by Vanity Fair, the Academy stood by the figures, claiming that Justice League appeared on the topand that the system included and prohibited suspicious accounts from voting.

What''s the Best Cheer Moment in The Oscars?

The competition that Zack Snyder''s Justice League faced, however, seem to be a little fishy. Moments from major hits likeAvengers: EndgameandSpider-Man: No Way Home were also in the running and did, in fact, end up being the runners-up. A stunning sequence fromThe Matrix was also placed fifth. These films are almost unquestionably more well known by the general moviegoing audience than the Snyder Cut.

While all of the previous films that took the runner-up spots had theatrical releases, the Snyder Cut did not. It was offered on HBO Max, although some individuals were more willing to see a movie at home than they were to go to a cinema. However, the idea that a four-hour superhero epic, which was at one time the most successful film of all time (2019''sAvengers: Endgame), would be a little suspect.

Fans of Zack Snyder spent years campaigning for Warner Bros. to finish his great vision for the film for eager audiences. This campaign took many forms, but the fanbase was generally very passionate about getting what they wanted. Could this same sense of fervor have been extended to the Twitter vote for a fan-favorite movie award at the Oscars?

This story is unlikely to end, but Snyder''s Justice League can be streamed in its entirety only on HBO Max.

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