Summer's Hottest Haircut for The Sliced Bob

Summer's Hottest Haircut for The Sliced Bob ...

Out of all the haircuts that exist in the style glossary, thereas one that sets the test of time: the bob. It has long been around since the 1920s (though potentially even earlier than that) and has now remained a top trend ever. This seasonas take on the ado has brought yet another twist to it: Meet the sliced bob, which is nearing a cool girlas head.

What exactly is the case for a asliceda bob? That''s a nod to the method used by stylists while cutting. ASlicing is a texturizing technique that breaks up solid shapes, according to Spino. aIt eliminates weight, resulting in movement and texture.a Translation? It''s quite cool.

Do you want to sample the cool-girl bob yourself? Read on for all you need to know about the chicly sliced ado.

What Is The Sliced Bob?

Youave probably already seen a fair share of celebs wearing the style, too. Kourtney Kardashianas famous chop, for one, has since been fashioned into a strained bob, while Addison Rae, Kaia Gerber, and Kerry Washington have all been seen rocking the ado.

According to Abramite, the sliced bob might be particularly beneficial to those with thick hair because itas so thin. aWhether the hair texture is straight or curly and thicker hair will benefit from slicing out bulk toward the bottom of the haircut.

What To Ask For At The Salon

So youave decided you want to cut your hair into a bob. Hereas what you should do: aBe specific in requesting the design line remain strong-looking with a tapered effect rather than untold ends. A Notching and slicing are not the same thing, she adds a notching down into the hair''s bottom, making it look choppy.

Spino says you may also instruct your stylist you want texture without layers and that the cut to be smooth on the bottom. She suggests even taking example photos and figuring out your length ahead of time.

How To Style A Sliced Bob

Abramite claims the sliced bobas blunt outline makes it easy to style because it has a one-length shape. Whatever, the lack of layers makes a smooth blowout especially easy to achieve. Use a heat protecting spray or serum and a large round brush [to blow dry], according to Spino. Not into blowdrying?

Spino advises applying a texturizing or volumizing spray to complete the look. aLift your hair and spray the mids-ends to show off the movement. aDonat be afraid to experiment with some fun clips and hair accessories to complement it.a

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