Netflix has teamed up to stream It or forget it: Senior Year, a Culture-Shock Comedy in which Rebel Wilson smiles for Laughs

Netflix has teamed up to stream It or forget it: Senior Year, a Culture-Shock Comedy in which Rebel  ...

Rebel Wilson headlines Netflix''s Senior Year, an oh-no-I-woke-up-from-a-20-year-coma-and-go-back-to-high-school comedy thatll make you yearn for the days of low-rise jeans and Nellys band-aid. When she learns yesterday''s sexualized cheer captains, she finds out that socially conscious influencers are. Sounds funny, or just dicey? Lets look up.


Stephanie Conway (Angourie Rice) was a social outcast back in 1999, grew up in the United States, had a little bit of dorky, no discernible personality traits, accepted her boyfriend''s guidance and wanted to be just like them. By 2002, she created a set of goals and imposed her will on her little family, but she still made fake friends with the crowd members, including MTV and youre VH1. And then there''s a cheerleading accident that puts Steph in

When she arrives in 2022, she plays Rebel Wilson, Sam Richardson, Martha, and Zoe Chao are still Tiffany (howd that happen? ). Most important, the doctor drops the greatest bomb, that Steph may have a 37-year-old body now, but mentally, she is still 17, and thats when we moan that this is another 13 Going on 30 ripoff, but it is not a chance to pass off ally McBeal and Britney Spears references as jokes. Hey, this

Steph might get her GED and go to counseling, but it''s not wacky enough for this film. No, she wants to pick up right where she left off and complete her senior year in the same high school, because she''s now the school librarian, and Tiffanys'' daughter has a zillion followers, and there''s no competition for the prom queen. Stephs will do everything you need to do so, while also recaping on the important things.

Which Films Will It Remind You Of? Senior Year takes bits of Mean Girls, Billy Madison, Back to School, Clueless, 21 Jump Street (the film) and about a half-dozen other conceptually similar movies and/or turn-of-the-millennium high school comedy, and turns it into a bland mush.

Performance Worth Watching: The material fails pretty much everyone here, but if Im forced to choose, Ill go with Justin Hartley, the adult version of Stephs former boyfriend, now married to Tiffany. Hartley, despite a limited screen time, shows off a laugh or two while playing the former hunky bro who tries to maintain that status, while he is certainly secretly under Tiffany''s boot.

Memorable Dialogue: Ill spoil the one halfway-decent one-liner here: Even if I was brain dead, you were the one who kept my heart shivering.

Nothing more than crude talk and sexy cheerleader dancing.

We need to remember all of the teen movies we enjoyed 20 years ago, which frankly isn''t a good strategy. Instead of any of the films it pays homage to, Wilson flails and mugs in an attempt to sell this rickety, laughless premise, and never emotionally grounds the character (she is way funnier as a character actress in a variety of games, including a lily homage to Britney Spears Crazy). It''s a real watch-looker

The most fatal mistake is its failure to be more than a stream of references. However, by considering the scientific accuracy of the scenarios, it is more likely to have a near-middle-aged body than a teenage brain. There is also no keen observation or humorous critical commentary here, but this is not just the dumbest, easiest, most obvious jokes. Instead, you might watch Easy A rather than this, which is more like Easy D-.

Our Call: Senior Year wants to be MTV in 2002, but its MTV in 2022. SKIP IT, and skip it hard.

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