Jessie James Decker has a heartfelt relationship with her estranged brother John

Jessie James Decker has a heartfelt relationship with her estranged brother John ...

Jessie James Decker and her ex-brother, John James, have recently reunited for a family reunion.

Following speculation that the siblings were falling out in a new podcast, John revealed that their mother pushed for them to attend a family birthday celebration in April.

On Friday, I did not think there was a chance we would all be together in one room. Not a chance, according to the podcast The Spillover. I was truly on the fence about going because I just didn''t want to go, and then it be awkward granted, as some of us have never discussed before. But we decided to do that for her. And it was absolutely unbelievable.

John continued to argue that seeing their children interact increased the value of the reunion.

It was incredible, not only for us, but for the children as well, like seeing all of them play together was it sounds silly to say, but it was also a dream come true.

[The kids are] so affectionate and so good with one another. It was amazing to see this.

In addition to Jessie and Eric Decker''s daughters, John and Ally have twin daughters Emmy and Callie, while Jessie and Eric have twin daughters, Vivi and Eric Jr..

Sydney Rae Bass, their sister, and her husbandAnthony Bass, have two children.

Despite John''s admiration for the youngsters, he admitted that he and his sisters were unable to make even though they were gentlemen.

With Sydney, [we picked up] right where things left off. You know, we were having fun, joking, and being stupid like we always have together. But only a few days later we actually saw Jess. It was just very cordial for my mother, Id say. There was certainly no connection to hearts or anything.

While neither John nor Jessie have directly addressed their disagreement, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of an alleged conversation withJohn that many believe breaks down their disagreements, as he appears to accuse his sister of putting a conversation on the spur.

John believes the relationship between the two has been open.

He explained that it is not just for us, but for our kids because, as you know, I don''t want our little girls to miss out on some amazing aunts and uncles and cousins. So I definitely think its a start. A lot of wounds are still left to heal, but I certainly believe it''s the beginning of something fantastic.

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