Ben Simmons Applauds a Tweet Blasting James Harden

Ben Simmons Applauds a Tweet Blasting James Harden ...

Ben Simmons expressed his disappointment for the Philadelphia 76ers. Simmons refused to compete there for the whole season. The team''s medical staff combined with a general refusal to suit up resulted in him moving to the Brooklyn Nets.

Skip Bayless is a well-known professional troll. He uses his diverse media platforms to sabotage NBA players he dislike. LeBron James is his favorite goal, but he recently joined the party of people piling on James Harden after his team was defeated in the first round of the playoffs.

In the second half of this closeout game, James Harden is usually no-showed. He''s now mostly another Jim Harden. Ben Simmons eventually will make this trade look so phoolish for Philly.

Ben Simmons liked what he read. He went so far as to publicly endorse Skips'' tweet by clicking the like button. He still seems to be concerned about the end of his time in Philly.

In the four-game sweep, James Harden didn''t score a single point in the second half of the decisive game four in the series against Boston. In the end, the Celtics completely humbened the Nets. Harden was largely blamed for the teams'' defeat.

Ben Simmons didn''t play at all after the trade due to an ailing back. Ben will do his best to make the Sixers look dismal because he was not willing to work with him. It will be a small miracle if James Harden does not play in the league at all.

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