Kevin Feige, a MCU producer, has been clarified about the Multiverse Confusion thread

Kevin Feige, a MCU producer, has been clarified about the Multiverse Confusion thread ...

As the Multiverse goes to the forefront in the recently-released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the concept extends far beyond the Benedict Cumberbatch-led sequel. Loki provided the best explanation for the Multiverse through Jonathan Majors'' He Who, but the Sacred Timeline was eventually destroyed at the end of the series, leading to the birth of many different timelines.

This moment in Lokiserve was reimagined as a game changer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: No Way Home demonstrates the complexity by presenting Variants of Peter Parker and villains from different scenarios, but it appears that it was just the bottom of the iceberg.

A Marvel Studios producer has explained what''s going on with the Multiverse narrative.

Kevin Feige''s Multiverse Comments are addressed by a Marvel producer.

Richie Palmer, a Marvel Studios producer, spoke with to discuss the Multiverse storyline.

Sylvie abandons He Who Remains during Loki''s Season 1 finale, putting Spider-Man: No Way Home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Palmer explains the event even further, stating that if Sylvie didn''t do this, the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home "wouldn''t have been able to happen," while also stating that it was "the reactivation of the Multiverse:."

If the events ofLokinever had located, this film and the events ofSpider-Man: No Way Home would not have been able to happen. It was the activation of the Multiverse at the end ofLokithat, or maybe the reactivation of the Multiverse at the conclusion of the game, which you see in What If?,Spider-Man: No Way Home, andDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

During the world premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige cleared some confusion, stating that whatLoki and Sylvie did at the end of their series pushed all of [Spider-Man: No Way HomeandMultiverse of Madness] to be possible.

Even in the Multiverse, there is always a way to the madness. And for fans who know that Loki and Sylvie did something at the end of the series that permitted all of this to be possible. He Who Remains is gone and that allowed a spell to go wrong in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which causes the entire Multiverse to be quite mad in this."

Palmer clarified Feige''s statements, with him explaining what''s really going on with Doctor Strange''s spell during No Way Home:

If Doctor Strange had just messed it up so horribly like he did, what Kevin said about that spell at the end of Spider-Manis, it would have only affected individuals within our Universe. WhileDoctor Strange wasnt considering that he had to, in doing that spell and setting it up, worry about all the infinite other areas out there that are filled with people who know who Spider-Man is. That shouldn''t have been a factor, as the Multiverse believes.

The MCU Expands its Multiverse Storyline

The Multiverse is here to stay, and it''s safe to say that it''s only the beginning. However, the concept of alternate realities is a divergent subject matter.

Kevin Feige, a senior executive at Marvel Studios, discussed the Multiverse''s guidelines at a gathering, stating that the company "exactly how to really convey the excitement surrounding the multiverse." While there might be conflicting observations, Richie Palmer and Feige''s combined statements indicated that the franchise is going all-in with the concept.

The interconnected stories of the MCU are a perfect tool for explaining what happens next and what happens. Although, Michael Waldron, the director of Doctor Strange, wish that he''d "didn''t have defined" some of the Multiverse''s rules in the Disney+ series, strong connections support the idea of the Multiverse being unleashed, thus allowing fans to notice what''s going on.

During the events of No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness, it''s safe to assume that Strange and Wong are not aware of what happened in Loki.

While both of them will likely learn more about Kang or He Who Remains sooner rather than later, keeping fans guessing when the event will happen is a fun process of exploring these interconnected stories. Determining what Sylvie didwould also help Strange to understand what was really wrong during No Way Home.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in cinemas across the world.

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