In 32 states, Starlink Internet is now available

In 32 states, Starlink Internet is now available ...

Starlink service is available in large sections of Europe, North America, New Zealand, and the lower half of Australia, according to the map. Other areas including Africa, Greenland, South America, and much of the country are expected to have their availability beginning in 2023.

Starlink is now available in 32 countries around the world. People who are shopping from "available" will have their Starlink shipped immediately

Starlink announced a price increase that it thought would be necessary to keep up with rising inflation. Earlier this year, a Starlink starter kit will now pay buyers $599 before shipping and tax. The monthly service rate also increased, from $99 to $110 per month.

Starlink is generally more expensive than other Internet services, but for many people considering the service, it may be the only option to choose from. This is especially true for people living in rural areas that aren''t serviced by major Internet service providers.

SpaceX is constantly adding additional satellites to its constellation. The next rocket launch, which will transport 53 additional Starlink satellites to low-Earth orbit, is scheduled for later today from Space Launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

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