The WAGatha Christie trial can be seen on Twitter

The WAGatha Christie trial can be seen on Twitter ...

When the trial of Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooneyas was started, nothing had done to prepare us for the outcome so far. Three years after the abusive Instagram post became a social media bombshell and inspired by the #WAGathaChristie hashtag, the world was thumped by the result of the Rooneyas'' claims that Vardy sold her stories to the press.

Vardy has vehemently denied all claims, and now the WAGatha Christie lawsuit is continuing in court. Enter: some real hilarious memes and tweets from one of the world''s most popular court cases to take place in the age of social media.

From fragable courtroom sketches and chipolata jokes to a few surprising courtroom laughs, keep scrolling for some of the finest reactions to the WAGatha Christie trial.

People may help but consider that this is especially difficult for ladiesa husbands, footballers Wayne Rooney, and Jamie Vardy. And in courtroom pictures, everyone is talking for all the wrong reasons.

Fans have even demanded that the case be live-streamed as the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial.

I honestly have no clue why this trial isn''t being broadcast outside pubs like the Wimbledon final, according to aRebekah Vardy, who is tasked with ignoring Coleen Rooney''s Instagram profile, and I''m just hooked, according to a Twitter user.

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