What is Twitter's claim about 'Top Gun: Maverick'?

What is Twitter's claim about 'Top Gun: Maverick'? ...

Sequels to popular films that arrive decades later are a fun task.

They have a reputation as a cash grab for stars who have reached the market, and are looking to capitalize on My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 or Bridget Jones'' Baby.

There are also a number of instances in which a studio has pushed for a new arrangement that didn''t really need to.

Regardless of the film''s quality, they do it simply because a title has enough name recognition to sag.

Francis Ford Coppola has long stated that he was only forced to make The Godfather Part III, which is nowhere near as well-known as the works that preceded it.

Tom Cruise Is Sticking With Franchises

The past decade, aside from Tom Cruises personal life and his involvement in science, was an unusual one for him.

As the industry has changed to become less dependent on A-List stars, hes become the most famous Hollywood star.

Increasingly, it is now geared towards well-known intellectual property and franchises.

It''s not to say that he is not a draw anymore, but the days when his name or anyones name would make a film a hit are long past us.

Cruise appears to understand this, but his attempts to adapt to the new climate have been affected or missed.

His first installments in the Mission Impossible series have been very hit with great fun, and the fact that two more are on the way seems a bit much, but you cant blame him for avoiding doing so.

The Mummy, the Mummy, was a dangerous mess and box office bomb.

Universals is unlikely to make a Dark Universe franchise based on all of its monster characters Dracula, Frankenstein, and others to compete with Marvel.

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Thailand will distribute 1 million cannabis plants this week, according to Cannabis News Week.

Many people have never believed in Disney''s huge ''Star Wars.''

Coins from UST and Luna are collapsing, creating crypto chaos.

Cruise does not seem to be interested in other than small action films, which is a bad idea for viewers who appreciate when he digs deep and goes dark for roles such as Magnolia or Eyes Wide Shut.

Paramount Pictures Studios is a movie theater located in the southern part of the United States.

On The Other Hand

Long-delays films aren''t always to be bad, so investors have to face huge cash losses.

Reintroduction of a familiar property can yield fresh results, depending on the outcome. The "Creed" films, which continue the saga of the "Rocky" films.

The Color Of Money, a long-delayed follow-up to The Hustler, erroneously won Paul Newman an Oscar, and aided the world to realize that Cruise was more than just the kind little boy actor from Risky Business.

What Are Critics Saying About Maverick''s Top Gun?

There was no shortage of eyerolls when the Top Gun sequel was first announced.

Many described the project as a simple attempt by Paramount Studios (PARA) to break life from a tense intellectual property that was not intended to exist.

Now that the film, directed by Joseph Kosinski, is out, and the reviews are mostly impressive.

Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, the pilot of Cruises, is training a new generation of pilots, including the son of his old friend and flying partner Nick "Goose" Bradshaw, who has blamed him for his father''s death.

The first installment of the trilogy was a pleasure but also funny and detailed in many ways, while the other one is more grounded in character and joy.

While the new pilots are good and all, Entertainment Weekly claims that this is a way to showcase Cruise to show he still has it.

Also, Lady Gaga Has a Song in This

Look, it would not be a "Top Gun" film without a legendary anthem, right?

According to Mel Magazine''s Tim Grierson, Lady Gaga''s "Hold My Hand" is a worthy heir to Berlin''s "Take My Breath Away."

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