What That Ending Could Mean for a Firestarter Sequel

What That Ending Could Mean for a Firestarter Sequel ...

Important Firestarter (2022) spoilers are included in this article. Duh!

Parenting is a difficult task, but it is particularly difficult when your kid has the supernatural capacity to bring fire to her.

With the 2022 Firestarter reboot movie, Andy and Vicky McGee learned that the difficult way in the Stephen Kings 1980 novel Firestarter, and now that lesson will be passed to the next generation, which has opened in theaters and begun streaming on Peacock Premium today.

Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon, Kurtwood Smith, John Beasley, Michael Greyeyes, and Gloria Reuben are stars in this new Firestarter film, which is mostly a remake of the 1984 film, although the lack of modern technology means it''s basically a remake. In any decade, little girls who light people on fire are most frightening.

Although the plot is relatively straightforward, you may miss things along the way, especially if you are not familiar with the original story. Read on to get the Firestarter plot summary and the 2022 Firestarter ending.


Both Andy (Zac Efron) and Vicky (Sydney Lemmon) are attempting their best to offer their daughter, Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), a normal life, but it''s difficult when she keeps putting things on fire with her mind. Both Andy and Vicky are no strangers to superpowers, because they both participated in a bizarre scientific trial study when they were both in college. Andy has the potential to push people into completing his bidding, which he uses

Charlie has been able to suppress her abilities for years. But now, the family decides whether or not to go on the run again. They know that poor people have been looking for him; people who will take Charlie away. Its why theyve never permitted him to use the internet or modern technology, because it makes it simpler to track them.

Unfortunately, they cannot get out of town fast enough. A superpowered bounty hunter named John Rainbird (Michael Greyeyes) is tasked by the very responsible individuals known as The Shopto capture Charlie and bring her in for further experimentation. As it turns out, The Shop is the same organization that gave the superpower medication to Charlies parents all those years ago. However, given that Charlie was born with powers, they want to study her.

Vickys'' power was telekinesis and Charlie has her dad on the run; she also tells her how to see her as a child, but he found her because of their psychic connection. He confesses that he killed the men who took her, and she regrets that. He makes her promise never to hurt anyone.

John Rainbird finds Charlie and her dad through his inclination to confuse Rainbird, giving Charlie a chance to run away. The father is taken into The Shop, where Captain Hollister is interrogated. Meanwhile, Rainbird expresses regret for what he has done to people he believes is his own.

Charlie on the run hears her dad call to her. She burns an agent face off, steals his key card, and finds her dad. It''s obvious, he wasn''t the one who called her, but was John Rainbird. Dun dun.


Captain Hollister appears behind Dad and explains to Charlie that his brain is hemorrhaging when he uses his abilities. One more push, she says, will kill him. It may happen to Charlie and if she goes with The Shop, they will help her, etc. Obviously, these are the bad guys!

Hollister argues that Charlie will not burn her up if it means burning her dad, while while she speaks to Charlie. Shes rightbut she didnt explain why Charlie''s dad has one last push in him. Both Hollister and himself are forced to burn.

Charlie adopts a burn it all down strategy to escape the building. People left and right are killed for a moment, but John Rainbird shoots them and offers himself up for him to kill. She almost does but then decides to spare him. She leaves the building, burns it down, and collapses on the beach in tears.

Then John Rainbird appears and gives her a hand. She takes it. In the final shot of the film, Rainbird reveals that the two of them are now a team. This is a different ending than the 80s film and the original novel, which left Rainbird dead and ended with Charlie relaying her story to the media.

What is the definition of this? Will there be a Firestarter 2 featuring Charlie and Rainbird as a united front?


There is no information on a specific sequel to the Firestarter reboot yet, but the director said he would be interested in expanding the Firestarter universe, whether in a sequel or a series. Thomas said in an interview with Comicbook.com, he said: "We have all sorts of options to choose between. But I think we''ve got a lot of ideas about where the sequel might go. I agree with Stephen King: "It''s all that would need to be explored.

If there is a Firestarter sequel, then whether or not it depends on how the movie works in theaters and on Peacock. It''s important to keep an eye on it.

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