WOW Presents Plus kicks off DragCon LA with a RuVeal of upcoming originals [Exclusive]

WOW Presents Plus kicks off DragCon LA with a RuVeal of upcoming originals [Exclusive] ...

Guess who''s back in the house? DragCon LA! After a stint in quarantine, the premier event for all things drag is back this weekend and DragCon came up with the headlines.

This summer, World of Wonder, a streaming service that includes a variety of new seasons and series, from the platforms first-ever reality dating series (Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love) to Season 2 of Painted with Raven, the streamers'' breakout original competition show. Below you''ll get a few peeks at what''s to come.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (RuPauls Drag Race Season 10 & 11) spends a whirlwind 24 hours sorting through a slew of eligible singles in her quest to get the one. Along the way, the Gay Sex Ed co-host (another WOW original, BTW) will have frantic conversations about sex positivity and the gay dating scene in Los Angeles.

Season 2 of All the Queens Men will feature Christopher Hamblin, the husband of Drag Race icon Latrice Royale, and the partners of two more Drag Race queens. What it takes to be a queen with a world famous queen, as these menzees spill the tea.

With Season 2 of Painted with Raven, the artist who received the Emmy Award will appear and shell will select a panel of celebrity guest judges to assist her choose the winner. As in Season 1, contestants will provide strong looks from the comfort of their own houses in an effort to win the title and $25,000.

Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love will not only make us laugh, but also contemplate what it really means to be a gay man in 2022, according to World of Wonder''s co-founders. We are thrilled to be bringing back the fan-favorite series All The Queens Men and Painted With Raven, as we continue to increase our content offerings on WOW Presents Plus with engaging, provocative stories and unique formats.

If you think about everything WOW Presents Plus has to offer, then consider again. Season 7 of UNHhhh will be on the way, as well as a follow-up season of God Shave the Queens. The whole slew of originals can be clocked below, along with their official synopses.

All the Queens Men S2 May 25, 2022

Join Latrice Royales better half, Christopher Hamblin, as he prepares for this weekly series of what it takes to be a husband to a Queen from the RuPauls Drag Race. Each week, two new guest husbands will share stories from their romantic royal relationships while learning about being the King to such a fabulous Queen.

Vanjie: 24 Hours of Love June 9, 2022

Come get these cookies! Miss Mateo enjoys her Bachelorette fantasy while she spends 24 hours getting down, dirty, and a little bit flirty with some potentially new boos.

Fall 2022 vs. Raven S2

Raven, an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist and RuPauls Drag Race star, is determined to become the world''s next makeup superstar. In this exciting competition series, seven makeup artists from across the country compete from the comfort of their own homes for a $25,000.

Part 2 of UNHhhh S7, July 20, 2022

Wait a minutethis is not Drag Race Season 7! Our gals Katherine and Tracy return for an iconic seventh season of UNHhhh, a show about everything, nothing, and talking about anything they want.

Muff Busters on July 21, 2022

In a brand new series, Rock M Sakura and Heidi N. Closet reunite in a joking way, debunking all of the facts you thought when your mother was young.

S2: God Shave The Queens by the 29th July 2022

The most popular batch of drag queens is embarking on an intense tour just one year after the success of Drag Race UK Series 2. All of them have grown in different ways, with varying success and more friendships.

The 2nd of August, 2022, is the second year of Sketchy Queens.

Jinkx Monsoon, a local witch and Season 5 winner of the RuPauls Drag Race, joins your favorite queens and celebrities in a brand new sketch show! Their wild and goofy antics will make you laugh, cry, cringe, scream, and laugh some more.

If you aren''t already a subscriber (yello, Drag Race Espana Season 2 is killing it, right?), you may sign up for WOW Presents Plus for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

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