Natalia Dyer Just Reveals Her Charlie Heaton Romance's Weirdest Thing

Natalia Dyer Just Reveals Her Charlie Heaton Romance's Weirdest Thing ...

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have been dating since theNetflix stars revealed that she is drawn to some of the long-term relationship, and she now thinks it''s acuriousa that people are so uninterested by their relationship.

The Things Heard & Seen star said during an interview to Cosmopolitan UK about her 28-year-old boyfriend: aIt''s an idea that would be difficult to replicate. It''s an immense struggle.a

As she continued to muse about fan interest in her and Heatonas, aI''m always curious as to why it comes up. I think it''s a natural instinct to want to know more about those who are on your screens for hours, and about what they''re like in real life. [But] now that I''ve experienced the other side of it... It sounds so clicheI, but I''m just a person too.a

In 2016 when dating claims became clear that Dyer and Heaton had chosen to keep their romance as low-key as possible. In fact, they took over an entire year to make their red-carpet debut a and further public outings have been as rare as they had in the years preceding.

Dyer explains why they ended up conserving things out of the limelight, saying, "Some people are very adept at being open and sharing, and others feel more comfortable holding some things for themselves."

Dyer presented rare details about how the couple balances work and their romance in an interview with Refinery29 back in July. AItas an interesting thing to work with someone who you go home with,a the Yes, God, Yes star said at the time. AItas always always great, so we can play and feel more comfortable, and we can talk about it before.

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