Many of Disney's most recent 'Star Wars' attacks have been underestimated

Many of Disney's most recent 'Star Wars' attacks have been underestimated ...

Before Walt Disney (DIS) bought the franchise, get Walt Disney Company Report reported buying it for $4 billion, as well as a few other titles, including "Indiana Jones."

The company has a new trilogy that has been successful with financial success, but isn''t particularly pleased by supporters.

It''s not that people universally dissipated the conclusion of the Skywalker saga, but that it certainly did not receive the universal acclaim of the original trilogy.

Disney also produced the well-known standalone film "Star Wars: Rogue One" and the much less well-liked "Solo: A Star Wars Story."

That movie, a bomb under "Star Wars," has basically put the franchise''s theatrical future on pause.

This might have been a blessing as it expanded its focus to "The Mandalorian," a Disney+ streaming program that brought the fan base to life, which may be bringing new people through Baby Yoda.

"The Mandalorian" was accompanied by "Book of Boba Fett," which served as a companion series, and which has boosted the appetite for the late-May "Obi-Wan Kenobi" series.

Disney has made "Star Wars" a major part of its theme parks, but the experience has been limited.

Disney Is Having a Baby

Star Wars the Theme Park Attraction

Disney''s theme parks building two Star Wars: Galaxy''s Edge is landing at Disneyland in California, but at Disney''s Hollywood studios in Orlando, Florida, the company has chosen to bet big on "Star Wars."

Both parks were interactive spaces designed to make visitors feel like they were on a different planet.

The lands, which depict the fictional planet Batuu, shut out the outside world and put visitors into a "Star Wars" adventure.

Comcast Corporation Class A Report Universal Studios have built their Harry Potter lands, making a very bold bet.

The first thing that appeared to be flopping was that the land was faced with construction delays and opened with only the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run fully operational, and Galaxy''s Edge''s main attraction, the ROTR, had a lot of problems.

Disney used a lottery system for slots on the ride when ROTR began to operate normally, which left some theme park visitors to be dissatisfied.

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This led to initial skepticism that Galaxy''s Edge would be a hit.

On both sides, time has investigated the kinks and elucidated those fears, with Galaxy''s Edge becoming an unparalleled hit.

Despite that, the company had no advantage of the doubt about its Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel project.

This two-night immersive experience that includes time at Galaxy''s Edge for two and $5,999 for a four-part party.

This is a huge number that sparked a lot of displeasure in the project.

Disney Disproves Its Doubters

Hundreds of media reports uncovered that people were forced to cancel their reservations following an early preview of the Galaxy Starcruiser''s launch.

There were reportedly a variety of unidentified dates, and a narrative was developed that Disney had likely reached too many terms on price.

During the onset of predicted doom and negative publicity, Disney expressed its delight.

With the "Star Wars" themed hotel opening, CEO Bob Chapek sent an emphatic surprise to anyone who doubted the project during his company''s earnings call for the second quarter.

"Response to next-generation science fiction like Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser has been fantastic," he said.

"In fact, guest ratings for this immersive experience, which started March 1, are tremendously high and in line with our finest-in-class offerings. Demand is strong, and we expect 100% utilization until the end of Q3."

It''s difficult to do better than 100% usage.

Due to a lack of labor, Disney has repeatedly demonstrated that it has pricing capability.

Because of its added-fee limited capacity after-hours events, it can charge higher prices during busy hours.

It has now clarified that it is aware of the "Star Wars"udience and that they will pay pretty much what it takes to become acquainted with the world.

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