Verve Group is looking for new ways to make public to gamers

Verve Group is looking for new ways to make public to gamers ...

At some point, advertising was pretty straightforward. For a time in our history, everyone watched TV. Youd pay some individuals to make you an ad. Then youd pay another group to play that ad on Must See TV. Those days, however, are slowly faded.

Then came the world of CTV, or connected television. Today, a large part of the world watches TV via connected devices like Roku, AppleTV, or from a SmartTV. These services, of course, sell ad time, but how do you know youre reaching your target audience? The Verve group has a recommendation.

Verve, partnering with gamigo, conducted a test for Trove, reducing trove users'' in-house strategies to calculate the most effective spots to advertise. Trove on gamigo saw a 34% decrease in CPM and 12-fold higher engagement than on other available channels.

According to Merv Lee Kwai, the chief gaming officer of the gamigo group, the blueprint for gaming publishers and advertisers to reach the ever-elusive gaming community is now here. Even as users continue to game across multiple platforms, it is possible to capture their attention with the appropriate omnichannel offering. We are excited to present such an exciting innovation to the industry.

The future for games advertising

The Verve group believes it has made a significant breakthrough by connecting gamers with advertisers via CTV. Many gamers are cord cutters and are therefore difficult to reach through traditional advertising methods. If the results of the Trove campaign are any indication, they might be correct.

Through partnerships such as this, Verve Group is committed to conducting strategic acquisitions and then investing in building relationships among our divisions that will enable cross-channel consumers to engage with their audiences in a timely and safe manner. This is just the first of many new connections we expect to unlock for clients to assist them acquire and retain their audience across devices.

Check out their website for additional information about the Verve business and their new advertising platform.

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