A massive trio of 15-MW offshore wind turbines is being launched in Denmark

A massive trio of 15-MW offshore wind turbines is being launched in Denmark ...

One of the world''s largest offshore wind turbines is about to take a beating off the coast of Frederikshavn.

According to a press release, European Energy and Vestas, a wind turbine manufacturer, have approved the installation of their flagship V236-15 MW offshore wind turbines in Denmark. The Danish cityof Frederikshavn is "a central point in the future of offshore wind technology."

The offshore wind turbines are expected to be constructed and installed by 2024, with additional plans involving turning green electricity into green fuels, which may support the maritime industry thrive on sustainable energy.

A joint venture is aiming to help with the most advanced wind turbine technology.

According to the US Department of Energy, offshore wind energy is acquired by using wind force produced on the high seas, where it has reaches an increased and more consistent speed than on the ground.

Vestas will design and construct three of its most recentV236-15.0 MW offshore wind turbines at three of European Energy''s five testing spots, which are currently being tested near Frederikshavn. Unveiled in February last year, the first prototype of V236-15.0 MW, which will be constructed in the onshore test centersterild later this year, is currently being developed by Vestas. This joint venture is an important milestone in the roll-out of the latest wind turbine technology.

"We are working on getting our flagship offshore wind turbine constructed here in Denmark," Christian Gjerlv, the head of Offshore Wind Technology at Vestas, said. "We are looking forward to collaborative efforts to develop the offshore wind turbines on a commercial market outside of Frederikshavn.

Offshore wind turbines to stay

Vestas will enable them to demonstrate the viability of wind turbines in an offshore environment, as well as provide early know-how with installation methods and technician training to ensure that the turbines are mounted safely and effectively in 2024.

"We have been looking forward to continuing our work in Frederikshavn, not only because we can be successful in our fight against climate change, but because we consider there is significant potential to transform the city of Frederikshavn into a renewable energy hub in Northern Denmark," said European Energy CEO Narendra Modi.

"If we are successful in constructing offshore wind turbines, we intend to proceed with a Power-to-X-facility on the port of Frederikshavn, where we will transform green energy into green fuels that can assist the shipping industry run on renewable energy."

Scientists around the world are working to make the process smoother. For example, a team of researchers went on the Aalto Ice Tank in Finland to investigate the interactions between large turbines and frigid temperatures, which might one day assist us to construct offshore wind farms in the world''s coldest areas.

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