Teddi Mellencamp: Everyone went crazy over my neck lift

Teddi Mellencamp: Everyone went crazy over my neck lift ...

Teddi Mellencamp said fans became so tense after she went under the knife to get a neck lift aged 40.

Everybody was mad, according to the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills actor Extra Thursday. I mean, there was nothing more positive than negative, but I kind of wanted to highlight the negative because people constantly want to know all of the details, but when they give them the details, they are upset.

Mellencamp explained that she wanted to be up-front with her fans rather than owing to drinking a lot of water for her abrupt transformation.

I was like, I work really hard to feel confident, and this is a little thing that I can do, and I want to be honest with the people who follow me and give them the good, the bad, and the ugly,'' she said.

The reality star admitted that although she maintains a healthy lifestyle, she couldn''t fix her neck on her own due to its slope and her fluctuating weight over the years.

Truthfully, whatever makes you feel wonderful and makes you feel happy, do it, according to her followers.

The Two Ts in a podcast co-host on Pod had earlier this week reaction from some social media users who criticised her for paying for a slimmer neck.

On Tuesday, she said, I am being transparent with my journey.

Is it preferable to lie and pretend that the loose skin on my neck disappeared? She said, "It''s not who I am."

[If] you want to follow people who show themselves through a subjective viewpoint, then I am not the person to follow.

Mellencamp has continued to post before-and-after shots from the surgery despite the pain, as well as answering many of her fans'' questions about the surgery.

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