Fred Ward of Tremors Passes Away At the age of 79

Fred Ward of Tremors Passes Away At the age of 79 ...

Fred Ward had a career that spanned five decades, but he passed away on May 8th.

The cause of death has not been known, according to a representative for Mr. Ward. Fred Wards last wish was to provide military memorial contributions to the Boston University Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center. The condition is caused by repeated concussions and is common among athletes.

Ward was most well-known for his co-starring role in Tremors, but he had a long career that saw him win a Golden Globe. Fred Ward has also appeared in True Detective, Grays Anatomy, ER, and other hit television shows and movies.

Fred Ward worked in Hollywood until 2018. His representative noted that he spent the last years of his life painting. His most recent work came in True Detective in 2015, where Fred plays Eddie Velcoro in two episodes.

Fred will be missed by his wife Marie-France Ward. The couple also have a son named Django. The Wards enjoyed twenty-seven years of marriage.

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