Postpartum hormones for Kylie Jenner are starting to improve

Postpartum hormones for Kylie Jenner are starting to improve ...

Kylie Jenner is making a comeback.

Thursday, the Kardashians star gave her TikTok followers a candid postpartum update, three months after giving birth to her son.

While recording the video, Jenner, 24, used an audio of herself talking to Jordyn Woods, an ex-friend.

I''m really getting my personality back. Like, im feeling like myself again, the reality star mouthed. I was pretty much myself.

When your postpartum hormones begin to level out, she captioned the upload.

While many TikTok users commented on Jenner''s amazing appearance in the video, one wrote, Postpartum is a rollercoaster. Glad you''re feeling well.

In February, a former Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum gave birth to her and Travis Scotts baby boy, four years after their daughter Stormis'' arrival.

Jenner described her terrible postpartum recovery after baby No. 2.

In a March video, she explained how difficult it is mentally, physically, and spiritually, but it''s just crazy.

I was unable to get back to life without saying anything. For others who are going through it right now, it hasn''t been easy for me.

Kylie Cosmetics founder continued to encourage other struggling moms, stating, that I continue to remind myself I made a whole human, a beautiful healthy boy. We must stop putting pressure on ourselves.

Jenner continued documenting her progress via social media, from treadmill training to pilates and cardio sessions.

This pregnancy she had gained 60lbs once more. In April, she wrote on Instagram. [Im] down 40lbs, purportedly to be healthy and patient.

After previously choosing Wolf and changing her mind, the makeup artist reveals that she had not decided on a name for her infant son.

Before I authorize a change, I want to assure that she informed Entertainment Tonight of the various options she and Scott, 31 had in mind.

Jenner added that he was never on our list at the time. I liked the name. There is nothing against Wolf, it was just him.

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