Hawaiian Airlines is constructing an all-electric seaglider that accommodates 100 passengers

Hawaiian Airlines is constructing an all-electric seaglider that accommodates 100 passengers ...

In November of 2019, we reported that electric planes were on the way to becoming more common. Upon completion of the maiden flight of its all-electric aircraft in September of 2021, Rolls-Royce completed the maiden flight, while in November 2021Wright Electric introduced an all-electric concept plane capable of carrying 100 people.

According to a news release from the latter,Hawaiian Airlines has joined forces with REGENT to design the initial design of its next generation 100-person all-electric seaglider known as the Monarch.

Innovative interisland transportation

Hawaiian Airlines REGENTS is the first U.S.-based design partner for the Monarch. The innovative new vehicle is scheduled to begin commercial operations by 2028.

Innovative interisland transportation has been a key focus of our business since 1929, when we replaced steam ships with airplanes. We are thrilled to be an early investor in REGENT and to be involved in developing their largest seaglider a vehicle with large potential for Hawaii, according to Avi Mannis, the chief marketing and communications officer. We look forward to working with REGENT to develop the technology and infrastructure necessary to fulfill our vision for safe, comfortable and environmentally sustainable interisland transportation.

The all-electric sea glider is a zero-emission vehicle that, once completed, will provide harbor-to-harbor and overwater transportation at a fraction of the cost, noise, and emissions of existing regional transportation methods like aircraft and ferry services.

A game-changer for sustainable transportation

Seagliders will be a game changer for sustainable regional transportation in Hawaii. Through close collaboration with design partners and strategic investors such as Hawaiian Airlines, we can fully understand our operators and unlock their capacity to offer zero-emission transportation solutions to their customers, according to Billy Thalheimer, REGENT CEO.

The development will be able to revolutionize how people in Hawaii travel and how they island hop. Here''s some interesting news.

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