Bob Saget is still my wife, according to Kelly Rizzo

Bob Saget is still my wife, according to Kelly Rizzo ...

Kelly Rizzo, the widow of Bob Sagets, said that the late comedian remains my husband, but that the relationship is different.

During a panel discussion in which the journalists discussed their connection with their late spouses, Amanda Kloots of The Talk remained constant.

Rizzo, 42, is still my husband, told Kloots, 40. Its not like, Oh, hes my previous husband. Its like the relationship is different now. It''s just it''s what it''s about.

She said that all of her deceased relatives are still alive in her heart and mind.

After performing the night beforein Jacksonville, Fla., the beloved Full House star died at the age of 65 on January 9th.

Cops believeSaget fell and hit his head on the marble bathroom floor before going to bed. His autopsy report, obtained by Page Six, confirmed that he had multiple skull fractures and that his death was caused by blunt head trauma.

Rizzo said Wednesday that although I still do not say the D-word [death] I said the day everything happened.

She maintains Sagets memory alive, declaring, I mean, I still talk to him, and he has his photographs everywhere. She also discussed a recent visit with Sagets three adult daughters.

For the first time since I moved into the new house last week, his daughters were able to see me and I was like, So I feel like a museum to your father, so don''t freak out but yes, hes everywhere.And then theyll catch me like talking to a picture every once in a while, and they are like Stepmommy Kelly, are you OK?

I know Bob would want me to be there for his daughters. Rizzo continued: Im not as focused on my own grief when im trying to assist them or support them or be there for them.

It kind of takes me out of my head when im doing little to help them happy. And when I am working on it, I''m also like, Oh, this would make Bob so happy, just knowing that im attempting to make them happy.

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