Fans of Games of Thrones may see this conversation with their friends in the park

Fans of Games of Thrones may see this conversation with their friends in the park ...

Following Normal People''s release of a conversation with friends television adaptation of Sally Rooneyas debut novel, there''s a lot of hope, although it''s a gear-change, revolving around a hostile relationship between two Trinity College Dublin students and their very special literary friends, although fans of the OG Rooney show may well know a tumult of filming locations around Dublin already.

Sally Rooneya''s second novel is set to premiere at Trinity College, where the author studied English and American Literature, and it''s no surprise that the two programs have been placed together as a filming location. If the concrete-clad library where Frances is tipped down to study looks oddly familiar, thatas because the 1960s Berkeley Library is the same location that Connell and his chain agreed to settle in for long, brooding research seshes in his first TV adaptation of Rooneya

Conversations With Friendsa central character Frances lives on Hardwicke Street in the north of the city. Her flat is just around the corner from The Hugh Lane art gallery, which was previously transformed into an Italian art gallery for Connell and Marianne''s voyage to the Guggenheim (which is in Venice, IRL) in Normal People.

Conversations With Friends is a documentary setting that features students Frances and Bobbi heading to Brittany in France to spend the day with their old friends Nick and Melissa. This TV adaptation moves the action to Hvar, a Croatian island, previously served as a backdrop in Game of Thrones before hosting this dark incident. Mamma Mia was meanwhile on the way.

Several of the events in Belfast included cityas Queenas University, the historic Lyric Theatre, and the independent bookstore No Alibis.

Conversations With Friends airs on BBC Three on May 15 at 10 p.m.

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