In Apple TV+s The Essex Serpent, Tom Hiddleston is Peak Nerdy Hot

In Apple TV+s The Essex Serpent, Tom Hiddleston is Peak Nerdy Hot ...

I want to be clear on something: Apple TV+''s new period drama The Essex Serpent isn''t a good show. It''s tedious, overwrought, and, worst of all, tedious. Claire Danes is woefully miscast as a wealthy British widow by hunting a sea snake. The script is slower moving than a South American sloth. It''s oddly more fascinating than the titular serpent. To put it simply, The Essex Serpent is a massive misfire.

Tom Hiddleston is incredibly handsome in his job. Although the Essex Serpent might not know how to tell a poignant tale, it does not know how to make Tom Hiddleston shine in a peak nerdy hot style.

The Essex Serpent, based on the Sarah Perry novel of the same name, follows Cora Seaborne, a rich London lady with an obsession with natural history. This leaves her in the path of smitten local doctor Luke Garrett (Frank Dillane), but later on the verge of becoming a magician. Ironically, the man of god is ecstatic about her abilities and passion, but also concerns about her belief that the Essex Serpent is a dinosaur capable of survival in the estuaries.

The Essex Serpent''s basic charm, but the show aesthetics are significant. Cora''s costume designer gives him many bold colors and even more eye-popping silhouettes to wear. This includes Tom Hiddleston''s pastor, who wears navy sweaters, multicolored scarfs, and easy-fitting tweed blazers, which could be purchased today. Will Ransome is not a period drama heartthrob, but a modern day crush has fallen into this 19th century fable.

Hiddleston appears to fully understand Cora''s beliefs about the serpent, welcomes her into the town, and assists her in dealing with a farm animal with love. He is also adept at assisting people in his efforts to ensure that his faith is correct.

If you like The Essex Serpent, be prepared for fantastic scenes and over-the-top depictions. It wasnt my personal cup of tea, but I cant say that Tom Hiddleston understood the script and his assignment. He once again cuts a savage figure in a British period drama. The question that you, not Cora, has to solve is

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