Elon Musk Makes a Choice for the Presidential Election in 2024

Elon Musk Makes a Choice for the Presidential Election in 2024 ...

Elon Muskon announced a $54.20-a-share, or $44 billion, offer to purchase the social network Twitter (TWTR) - Get Twitter, Inc. Report, and he''s become the target of attacks from the majority of the Democratic Party.

The reason for this displeasure is clear. The billionaire, who refers to Twitter as the de facto town square of our time, believes that the platform will be open to everyone as long as the comments made do not violate the country''s law. There is no reason to exclude them.

Many members of the Republican Party have backed this concept, which is intended to guarantee freedom of speech.

The militia has banned former President Donald Trump, who was withdrawn from the network following the attack of January 6, 2021, at the Capitol.

Get Tesla Inc Report: After closing the acquisition of Twitter, Musk will lift the restriction on Trump.

Musk''s Twitter as it stands will ignite a barrage of hate, bullying, and misinformation, according to the Democrats. Even Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Microsoft Corporation Report, has expressed his concern, declaring that Musk might make things worse.

"He actually might make it worse," Gates said in a recent interview. "That''s not his track record. I mean, his relationship with Tesla and SpaceX is quite mind blowing toward developing a fantastic team of engineers and... capturing and showing them up in a less courageable way.

"I kind of doubt that will happen this time, but we should have an open mind and no longer underestimate Elon."

Trump has stated that he''s still using the same alternative social network as Truth Social.

Musk Wants A Less Divisive Candidate ...

While both many critics and Trump supporters have thought that Musk''s decision might be a defense for the former Republican president''s future ambitions, they may have gotten ahead of themselves.

Trump has just faced a blow from the predictably unpredictable tech mag.In a Twitter thread,Musk reiterated that Trump should be allowed back on Twitter. Musk also said he prefers a less divisive candidate for 2024.

"So even if I consider a less divisive candidate to succeed in 2024, I still believe Trump should be reinstated on Twitter," said the billionaire on May 12th.

When podcaster Lex Fridman said the restriction only reinforces divisions instead of favoring dialogue, Musk nodded.

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The Twitter stock plummets as Elon Musk declares that his $44 billion acquisition is ''On Hold,'' but is still ''Committed.''

"Agreed," Fridman said. "Permanent restriction increased division, resentment, and hate in the world, not it. It just moved it off the platform. "We must honor the divide and celebrate our common humanity," said the author.

Musk responds, saying, "Exactly."

...but Is Playing No Favorites

Musk is not advocating President Joe Biden in his campaign for a less divisive candidate than Trump. While he has praised the Biden administration''s efforts in sabotaging Russia''s invasion of Ukraine, Musk is also criticized by Biden.

"Biden''s mistake is that he believes he was elected to transform the country," Musk told his millions of supporters. "But actually everybody wanted less drama."

On the same day, Musk demonstrates that he isn''t opposed to Trump or Biden either for the 2024 election.

Dogecoin, Musk''s favorite cryptocurrency, is reportedly aiming for "candidates that aren''t super terrible," according to Musk, adding that the two men are too old to hold the presidency.

"i''d like to offer a few options for candidates who aren''t super terribleis that too much to ask." There are 300 million Americans ffs, according to Billy Markus.

"And also more young than 8000 years old!" Musk said.

Musk isn''t making a comeback.

"Why not have a minimum age to run for democracy?" a Twitter user said.

"Didnt happen to the founders of the United States that people would live so long," Musk said, adding that they must establish age minimums (for wisdom), but not age maximums (for ), according to a not very flattering emoji.

En resume, etat, for Musk, it will neither Trump nor Biden in 2024.

Biden will make 80 people in November, and he will be 82 at the time of the election in 2024. Donald Trump will be 76 in June, and the former president will be over 78 when the next White House election comes around.

Musk is 50 years old and is unable to run for president because he wasn''t born on American soil, which is one of the criteria for becoming an eligible candidate.

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