Warner Bros. Discovery gave an executive the opportunity to transfer AEW to television and television

Warner Bros. Discovery gave an executive the opportunity to transfer AEW to television and televisio ...

As the Warner Bros. Discovery merger approaches, AEW is facing a slew of uncertainty. It has been reported that the company had extensive intentions to push for AEW at the upcoming Warner Discovery upfronts. That is a good sign, but there are still a lot of concerns about Tony Khan''s promotion.

The new management of Warner Discovery is renovating a house. Employees from WarnerMedia have been reduced as Discovery picks have been replaced. One of these changes had a large impact on bringing AEW to Turner networks.

Dave Meltzer talked about the future of AEW in the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. A subsidiary of TNT, TBS, and TruTV, the company, is heavily distributing live sports programming to advertisers, including AEW. On the other side of the coin, Brian Weitz, the GM of TNT, TBS, and TruTV, who brought wrestling back to the networks, has been allowed out.

A few more notes on the AEW''s ability to compete in the Warner Discovery franchise as of this week. AEW is expected to have a significant push at Warner Media upfronts that take place on 5/18, which would make it one of the key shows they are trying to sell to advertisers. On the flip side, Brett Weitz was credited for starting [Snowpiercer], Chad, AEW, the Impractical Jokers, and the revival of Wipeout.

AEW will need to begin negotiating a new TV rights deal for 2024, as well as the company''s future. Tony Khan is hoping for a massive increase.

If Warner Bros. Discovery decides wrestling isn''t in the networks future, the deal might be greatly reduced or simply not renewed. There have been plenty of positive signs that AEW is safe. The loss of one of their biggest television friends has to have some in Tony Khans circle second-guessing things.

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