Wendy Williams is pulling out of the cast

Wendy Williams is pulling out of the cast ...

Wendy Williams performed the nationally syndicated television talk show,The Wendy Williams Show, from 2008 to 2022. In February, she announced that the Wendy Williams Show would be canceled, and Shepherd would be taking over the beloved chat-fests timeslot with a talk show of herself. It appears that some of the staffers of the Wendy Williams show are having a difficult time saying goodbye.

According to Page Six, some staffers of the Wendy Williams Show are having trouble leaving, while others are ready to move on with Sherri Shepherd. An insider revealed to the outlet, Theres talk [of how to say goodbye], and a lot of people on the staff feel that there should be a tribute to [Wendy] or a certain farewell, according to Page Six.

The insider explained that at the end of the day, Its her show and she is not there for it. The insider maintained that staffers are looking for her to return for one last show because they have all of these fond memories.

People want her to return A lot of people, especially the mid and low-level producers, signed up for the job because of Wendy. It feels like it will just come to an end [without her].

Another source told the outlet that staffers are still traumatized by Williams'' erratic behavior in recent years. The source explained that there have been days where people believed they would not have a job because she would not leave to work, so this notion that there is a snag? No, yes, you may ask why do you like it?

She kept the fate of almost 125 staffers who have the ability to care for their children [in her hands], and they are pleased that they finally have some security in their lives [with Shepherds show].

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