Travis Scott is being sued by a woman for wrongful death after experiencing a miscarriage at an Astroworlds crowd crush

Travis Scott is being sued by a woman for wrongful death after experiencing a miscarriage at an Astr ...

Travis Scott, a rapper, is thought to be being sued for an incident that happened at his Astroworld festival.

A female concertgoer claims she suffered severe injuries during the event, which resulted in a miscarriage.

Here''s all you need to know about it.

Shanazia Williamson, wife of Jarawd Owens, has filed for a standard injury lawsuit following the severe injuries she sustained at the Astroworld festival on 21st November.

Williamson amended the complaint after the incident on 27th December and sued the rapper for wrongful death.

A fetus that dies due to negligence can be accused of a wrongful death lawsuit, according to Texas law. Additionally, it said that it did not matter how far along the mother was in her pregnancy. The parents may sue for wrongful death despite the fetus''s failure to be effective at the time of the death.

Shanazia suffered shoulder, back, leg, chest, stomach, and other parts of her body as a result of the lawsuit.

A direct and indirect cause of Shanazias'' injuries and the death of her and Jarawds unborn child was the failure to plan, design, manage, operate, and operate the event, according to the documents.

Williamson is also suing Scotts music label, live Nation, and Valle Services SMG, a security company. She has filed lawsuits against all of the other companies that were publicly publicizing the festival related to the tragedy.

On the 5th November 2021, Travis Scott hosted a live concert in Houston, New York.

According to sources, around 50,000 people attended the music event. Regardless, a crowd war was the result of ten concert goers'' deaths as a result of compression asphyxia.

The incident has resulted in more than 5000 people being contacted.

Despite warnings that the audience was in danger, the rapper continued to perform on the stage. Travis and his team both stated that they were unaware of the incident.

In February, Scott and the organizers of the festival had a lawsuit filed against over 400 individuals.

Following the incident, the rapper has decided to remain a little engaged. Scott will be performing at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards as per a recent announcement.

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