Drake has mixed feelings about the Rihannas pregnancy

Drake has mixed feelings about the Rihannas pregnancy ...

Drake is a pioneering musician, and that is very probable why rappers like KodakBlack want him to be mentored. Drake is also a lover boy, as many fans know by now. He also has mixed feelings about Rihannas'' pregnancy.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been married for two years, and it was previously said that they could be engaged anytime soon. Earlier this year, it was revealed that the two are expecting their first child.

Drake and Rihanna had previously been in a relationship, and fans are conscientious that Drake fell in love with Rihanna when her pregnancy was announced. Despite her concerns, Drake was in great condition.

According to Hollywood Life, Drake had mixed emotions about Rihannas'' pregnancy as it was revealed that he had no future with her at all.

Drake revealed in 2016 that he always had a thing for Rihanna. Several years ago, he realized that their journey came to an end because their paths had just gone in different directions.

When Rihanna revealed she was pregnant, he had mixed emotions. Of course, he was appreciative for her because he knew she had always wanted children. At one point in time, Drake saw himself having a future with Rihanna, so it was just another confirmation that there was no future for them.

Drake added that following her pregnancy announcement, he requested that she be congratulated his ex. He would like to get their kids together one day when the time is right. He knows Rihanna is planning to make an incredible mother, and he could not be happier for her.

Drake has a lot to focus on, but he will always cherish and remember the times he spent with Rihanna. Both have a lot of respect and love for each other even now. But what will happen when Rihanna will finally give birth?

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