In WWE, Ronda Rousey is advised to wrestle less often

In WWE, Ronda Rousey is advised to wrestle less often ...

Ronda Rousey is arguably the most popular nameto transition from combat sport to professional wrestling. She has also been advised to wrestle less frequently in WWE.

Ronda Rousey won the Smackdown Womens Championship for the I Quit match against Charlotte Flair during a hard-fought bout. Rousey came out on top and became the newSmackdown Womens Champion.

While talking about JimCornettes Drive Thru, Jim Cornette talked about a potential danger Ronda Rousey might encounter due to a lack of effective opponents. He advised Rousey to wrestle less often in WWE.

Well, that will be interesting because you may have a problem now that most people still know that Ronda is legit. I mean, let''s face it, most of the girls on the roster, I mean, you might say, Okay, she should be able to take girl X or girl Y apart in 30 seconds. At the top, most of the really great female talent are probably Ronda vs. Becky because Becky is a great heel, but Biancas is an infant, so she

I don''t know if Ronda will play a game in the next three months, but I''ll have to wait until Charlotte recovers from the broken arm. Perhaps Ronda just doesn''t play a lot, but it''s possible that things wouldn''t be affected.

Ronda Rousey does not believe Charlotte Flair is a special thing. We will have to wait to see how Rousey will be eligible as the Smackdown Womens Champion. Fans are certainly surprised to see how she will progress in the next weeks.

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