Becky G had an idea of speaking Spanish. She's now hitting the Latin Charts

Becky G had an idea of speaking Spanish. She's now hitting the Latin Charts ...

Rebbeca Marie Gomez, a California native, found mainstream success at 17 years old with aShower, a sugar-sweet pop single, who achieved certified multiplatinum status. aThatas when I realized, wow, if I donat conquer this fear of speaking Spanish [imperfectly], Iam never going to accomplish something thatas always been a dream of mine, according to the singer-songwriter. aIad always dreamt of doing Spanish music.

Her insecurities have nearly hampered her on her tracks, but she worked with songwriters to consolidate her linguistic capabilities, like Saul Alexander Castillo Vasquez, Steven Dominguez, and Martin Rodriguez Vincente a before releasing her first Spanish single in 2016, aSola.a

After six years, 14 Grammys, and an acclaimed 2019 debut album, Gomez is ready for her next act. Esquemas (aSchemesa in English), which was entirely recorded in Spanish, began its release in March with the TikTok-viral aMamiii, featuring Colombian singer Karol G. At Coachella, Gomez was invited onstage to perform the track for the first time.

The rest of the 14-track album has a slew of tense reggaetAn, soulful pop ballads, and club-ready dance beats, many from Ovy On the Drums. El Alfa, Guaynaa, Natti Natasha, and Elena Rose are some of the most well-known artists in the country, and it feels as musically diverse as a playlist.

Gomez discusses her transition to the Latin market, Bruno Mars, and Esquemasa standout tracks.

On Embracing Her Roots

Did you ever feel strongly about your identity when you first became Mexican American?

Like many children who grew up in the same way we did, we know we rep two flags, but [expressing them] depends on who you are in the room with. I had to choose one or the other. I was a youngster who worked as a Mexican American in LA, and I was capable of helping my teachers understand what they needed to say or the other way around.

My greatest concern and worry was that [Spanish] wasnat my emotional ability. However, I was very emotionally connected to the music when I was 7, 8 years old. But when a camera was in front of me, I would get really in my head, wait, does this word end in aoa or aa?

Imposter syndrome.

The first album I purchased was the Christina Aguilera album, which I had heard in English then the same songs in Spanish. It was like, aOh my God. A bilingual queen! I love this!a Same with Shakira, but [a] I didn''t want to require a translator in interviews, because I was singing fluently in Spanish.

Has your Spanish changed at any rate since you entered the Latin music market?

Because my grandparents enjoy me, my Spanish accent is now a blend of every accent that exists. Iam in Miami, so my Spanish sounds like a fusion of Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, and Cuban Spanish, with a little Mexican slang in there.

On Creating aMamiiia & Esquemas

Given that aMamiii was so much a long-awaited collaboration for fans, what was it like working with Karol G?

How long did fans wait for it to happen? How long did I wait for it to happen? [Laughs.] Iave asked Karol to be on songs [so many times], and itas never been the right time. Or sheas been really honest with me, and itas not the right song. Iave always appreciated that.

What do you think Esquemas is different from your first album?

I''ve done Spanish country music, I''ve done pop music, and I''ve done reggaetAn. I wanted to create an album that conveyed my musical experience.

My favorite song is aBaile Con Mi Exa.

Itas a song I first heard in English, which used to be male artists. Lots of people I know were like, aA girl canat sing that.a I was like, aHey, aBaile Con Mi Ex.aa I was like, aNo, no, no. aDancing With My Exa in Spanish.a A I was like, aLetas go. Itas time.a

On Looking Forward

Whoas one artist, who is unintentionally or indecently, who is willing to collaborate?

I am obsessed with Giveon on the English side. If I ever had to do something with him, I would do it with him. When I was young, I became obsessed with him. I would catch a grenade for him. [Laughs.] Iad like to do something with Normani. Sheas just a badass.

Whatas a song that youad want to play during your wedding, and one that youad want to perform during your funeral?

[Laughs.] Oh my God, this is so sad and up my alley. I know everyone feels me so happy and healthy in a loving relationship, but I think they confuse me because I am aware that many of these songs are actually written about someone elseas heartbreak, which is really sad, but it was very cathartic for me.

It would be my wedding song a itas too much of a party song a but itas always being played at my wedding, and Guaynaaas will be there to perform it live: aTajAn.a Itas like if aMayoresa and aFulanitoa had a baby. Thatas my wedding party song.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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