DJ Colette, Thomas Ian Nicholass wife of the Year, is filing for divorce

DJ Colette, Thomas Ian Nicholass wife of the Year, is filing for divorce ...

Alum of the Rookie of the Year Thomas Ian Nicholas is apparently stumbling on his marriage. The producer wife reportedly filed for divorce.

Colette Marino, Thomas Ian Nicholas'' wife, submitted the divorce papers to the court on Thursday. The couple has been married for over 15 years.

Here''s all you need to know about it.

Colette Marino, also known as DJ Colette, had their first child together in January 2007. In the year 2011, they got married, along with another child, a baby girl named Zoe Dylan.

According to TMZ Advertisement, the house DJ has listed the date of the pairs separation as the 3rd September 2019. Colette has also cited the reason for their split, stating it as the usual irreconcilable differences.

A vocalist is pursuing the custody of the couple''s two minor children as well as in the mix.

Colette insists that she intends to block the courts'' ability to grant aide to neither her nor Thomas. She continued that the duo has a prenuptial agreement, and they argue that the courts will put it in place for their divorce case.

Thomas Ian Nicholas was born on the 10th July 1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was married to a professional dancer mother, Marla. His mother also worked as an acting administrator in a school.

He has six other siblings. Tim Scarne is a screenwriter.

Nicholas was already interested in acting as a child. He landed his first major role in the 1998 television series Whos the Boss?. He played Little Tony.

Besides, he was featured in numerous television programs such as Baywatch, Married with Children, and ABCs Greys Anatomy.

Nicholas is recognized for his performance as Henry Rowengartner in the 1993 sports film Rookie of the Year. When he was only a child actor, he depicted the role of the Chicago Cubs fireballer.

On the other hand, people also know Nicholas for his recurring role in the American Pie film series. He acted as Kevin Myers in four theatrical films.

Nicholas was recently seen in the Adverse film in 2021. Mickey Rourke, Sean Astin, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Penelope Ann Miller were also included in the films.

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