What Happened to Trevor Strnad? At the age of 41, the lead singer of Black Dahlia Murders died

What Happened to Trevor Strnad? At the age of 41, the lead singer of Black Dahlia Murders died ...

According to the Michigan group, Trevor Strnads'' death has left them devastated. They claimed he was a music encyclopedia who was loved by everyone. Trevor was also described as one of the world''s most talented and funny people. Ellis was also a major supporter and lyric composer.

He was honored by the whos who of metal music. Matt Heafy of Trivium described him as a modern metal icon. Robb Flynn of Machine Head noted how great he was, and stated that Trevor Strnad appeared on his show ten months ago and expressed his depression.

Trevor Strnad was such a great player in the Metal scene. Not just as a frontman, but as an asset to the community. The amount of work that a man made to lift up smaller bands in the underground was unmatched. He was an encyclopaedia of all things in the underground scene pic.twitter.com/SNj3iaMc2X Advertisement Advertisement

The Black Dahlia Murder band was founded in 2000 and was named after Elizabeth Short''s unsolved murder. Judas Priest, Pantera, and Metallica have all influenced them. In 2020, they released Verminous, a song that depicted metal fans as carriers of a cultural conflict.

The only members of the Black Dahlia Murder that remained constant was Brian Eschbach and Trevor. Ritual, their most successful album, reached No. 31 on the US Billboard chart.

Trevor Strnad was a huge fan of fantasy and horror films and considered metal and horror to be a good way to boost bad energy. Despite his conviction, Trevor was only willing to go to record stores and marvel at all the skeletons, dragons, and artwork chevaliers.

He said that the common individual could not recognize the value of his culture or their surroundings. He also believed that people feared the importance of metal fans'' devotion and how it had changed him.

In a recent interview, he stated, "I want my 40s to be fantastic" as well as his desire for The Black Dahlia Murder to last for another 20 years.

The Black Dahlia Murder is one of the first death metal bands I ever heard of, and is a truly unique band that changed the way I saw heavy music at a very young age.

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