Kendall Jenner was trolled after having trouble cutting a cucumber

Kendall Jenner was trolled after having trouble cutting a cucumber ...

Kendall Jenner is a versatile celebrity, but when it comes to living in the kitchen, she always keeps herself away. An incredible incident in the show where Kendall Jenner was making an outrageous attempt to cut a cucumber, which left the internet speechless. On Twitter, Kendall Jenner is being mocked for her cucumber chop.

After the premiere of her family''s Hulu show, The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner was subjected to some harsh, green social media criticism on Thursday. All of this was down online after the premiere of the newest episode of her family''s Hulu series, which featured less-than-stellar culinary abilities.

Kendall has only made a few appearances on the show since its launch season, and following the terrible backlash she received during her most recent on-camera visit, she may wish she had kept it that way.

In the episode, a model and a tequila business owner was seen visiting her mother Kris''s large estate in Calabasas, Los Angeles, where she chooses to prepare herself a snack. Kris refusing to offer her familys professional chef to prepare anything for her, but she insists on making it herself and claims that cutting cucumber is simple. Kendall then began to try to slice the veggie in an unusual manner, bending her arms in an unusual manner.

After Kendall acknowledged that she was not a great cutter but was scared of the knife, Kris immediately prayed for the chef. It was sober on social media that people mock the reality star for her lack of culinary skills.

Kendall Jenner is hesitant to disclose how to deal with a difficult time, and Kris is phoning him to solicit the chef.

In her life, she had probably had to cut her own cucumber three times.

What happened to this scene? Kris is bringing the chef to cut it for her, but Kendall is so big! She said she shed cut it. Then Scott arrives and Kris says Kendall is cutting a cucumber! Like she is a 1 year old.

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