After Wonder Years' firing, Fred Savage has done a lot of self-reflection

After Wonder Years' firing, Fred Savage has done a lot of self-reflection ...

Fred Savage has made a lot of self-reflection since his ABC job last week.

Sources say Page Six is committed to reflecting on any injustice as a result of the incident that was rejected from ABC''s The Wonder Years reboot.

Fred has taken this issue very seriously and is doing a lot of self-reflection on how he might and should have handled different situations better, according to reports.

Savage, 45, claims to be aware of certain times that he might be an ahole, adding that there are certain issues that Fred wants to deal with.

On the Wonder Years production, Savage received great support from friends and colleagues.

The father of three is also fully supported at home by his wife, Jennifer Lynn Stone.

The exact allegations are still to be disclosed, although they aren''t sexual in nature. Reps for Savage have declined to comment.

Savage became a household name for his roles in The Princess Bride and went on to play the lead role, Kevin Arnold, in the original Wonder Years series from 1988 through 1993.

In the late 90s, he began producing and directing television projects, and has now become a go-to director in Hollywood, working on sitcoms, from Modern Family to Black-ish.

He continues to perform and appeared on numerous shows including Working, The Grinder, and Friends from College.

Savage was relegated to executive production and production of The Wonder Years earlier this month, according to a 20th Television spokesperson.

Fred Savage''s actions have been made public recently, and as is policy, an investigation has begun, according to a spokesperson.

The director of The Wonder Years had his job terminated upon its completion.'' The producers refused to comment further.

Industry insiders said Savage might be able to express their displeasure.

According to the source who knows Savage, Page Six was fully aware that he would be appalling and attentive.

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