Look-Alikes for Drake and Lil Durk Make Link Up For A New Remix

Look-Alikes for Drake and Lil Durk Make Link Up For A New Remix ...

Perkio and Izzy, known as fake Lil Durk and fake Drake, are still going strong. Now Drake and Lil Durks doppelgangers have made their own Laugh Now Cry Later remix, which gave viewers a little preview on social media.

They have linked up to create a remix of their twins album Laugh Now Cry Later, which was nominated for the Grammy Awards.

The pair recently became really nice friends. While they hung out together for a weekend in April, they filmed TikTok videos while performing Drizzy and Smurk''s original songs. They also performed In The Bible while relaxing outside a residence in Miami.

The two have gained a lot of fame and have been having quite the year. Fake Drake went viral after Tory Lanez posted him on his Instagram for fun. Since then, Izzy has often attended nightclub events and performed some of Drakes'' greatest hits for the crowd and charges $5k per night.

Drake was aware of his twin. Drizzy even met Izzy and gave him his blessing in an interview with No Jumper. He said in an interview, he didn''t really give a f*ck, you know? The whole thing was.

Perkio, a Lil Durks lookalike, was spotted after he made a visit to a shopping mall with security and paparazzi. A few days later, Durk sat his doppelganger on stage to perform during his recent 7220 Tour. There was also a problem with SteveWillDoIt and 6ix9ine, but we will not get into that can of works right now.

Take a look at the remix and the original songs below!

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