The Batman spin-off from CW, Gotham Knights, receives a profound update

The Batman spin-off from CW, Gotham Knights, receives a profound update ...

With The Batman and a couple of well-anticipated spin-offs, Batman is returning to the forefront of comic book media, and that interest is driving him to progress in other areas. There''s even a Batman spin-off series, which is commonly known as a house for DC content with the Arrowverse.

The Gotham Knights will not be able to connect to the Arrowverse in any way, but instead, it hopes to outline its own story based on lesser-known characters in the Caped Crusader''s extended gallery. The show will revolve around Bruce Wayne''s adoptive son who forms a dangerous team of Batman villains'' offspring in order to avenge his death, including siblings Harper and Cullen Row.

Set footage from Gotham Knights have sparked some exciting developments on screen, although there are no signs of progressing towards the series'' future on The CW. In the midst of some major changes for The CW and Warner Bros., the series has just received a pretty good update ahead of its unveiled premiere date.

Gotham Knights Gets Full-Season Order

The Winchesters and Independence are one of three pilots to get a full series order, while The Winchesters and Independence were the only three to be picked up into series. This comes amid major changes for The CW due to the merger between parent companies Warner Bros. and Discovery, which is looking to sell the network.

Great News for Gotham Knights Series

Because of Warner Bros.''s merger with Discovery, DC programming is experiencing some major changes, making the future a lot more problematic for many TV shows and movies. Fortunately, even with fewer pilots picking up on the TV side, Gotham Knights came out in a positive light with a full first season confirmed to air on The CW.

At the moment, it''s still unclear how many episodes will comprise Season Oneor when it will even begin airing after it''s finished filming. Moreover, fans are curious to see how much influence the widely-popular Gotham Knights video game series has on what comes into play on the small screen, especially since they''re not expected to be connected in any way.

As a new element of the Batman legacy emerges, there should be plenty of excitement from the fact that Gotham Knights will be on the air for at least one season. The CW will have the opportunity to explore this uniquely dark story with a whole set of new heroes and villains.

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