America Chavez Standalone Movie/Show Has Been Teased by Marvel Writers

America Chavez Standalone Movie/Show Has Been Teased by Marvel Writers ...

Doctor Strange in Madness has not only brought Benedict Cumberbatch''s Master of the Mystic Arts back to the mainstream mainstream, but also brought America Chavez, a brand new hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, the character''s future remains unknown.

The rest of this article includes spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Chavez is the only person who appears on the Multiverse in the film. The screenwriter Michael Waldron previously suggested that "she''s a very significant being in the universe," and that her potential Nexus Being status would be touched upon "as [Marvelcontinues] to explore her story."

Now, the head writer once again teased what''s next for Chavez, with him potentially hinting that the character will have her own solo project down the line.

America Chavez Is Going to Start?

Michael Waldron, the lead writer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, talked about Xochitl Gomez''s America Chavez and her MCU future.

One of the unresolved plot points is revolved around America Chavez''s two mothers. Chavez accidentally opened up a portal, thus leaving their fate unresolved.

Waldron said that it was only a collaboration between him, Marvel Studios, and director Sam Raimi when asked if this is an example of collaboration. However, the lead writer said it is a "mystery to be solved in the near future."

"Yeah, that''s definitely me collaborating with Marvel and with Sam." Really, this is as much about trying to drive America''s story in this film as it is attempting to establish a mystery to be solved in the future. She''s somebody without a family. That''s what she''s looking for. "

Chavez, who starts filming Kamar-Taj, finds a home at the end of the film, but Waldron says the characters "set up the next chapter" in the plot.

"And that''s what she discovers surprisingin our Doctor Strange and Wong. She''s leaving a house in Karamar-Tajat at the end. It''s kind of tidy when everything''s said and done, and we also set up a thenextchapter in the America Chavez story."

When asked if the story about her mothers was always there from the start, Waldron noted that it "came a little later in the process," implying that it will be answered "when you''re getting into America''s solo trip:"

"It felt like that when you''re getting into America," said Strange, who said, "a little later." "It felt like that you''d rather answer if you''re getting into America." "We found that we wanted to know more about her, really. It was just honest to their relationship and conversations."

Back in 2019, Geeks Worldwide reported that Marvel Studios is developing a Disney+ focused on America Chavez.

How America Chavez Fits in the Wider MCU

America Chavez is a significant piece of the MCU puzzle going forward, according to the multiverse of Madness, and Michael Waldron''s latest remarks reinforce this point.

The death of her two mothers is an integral part of the character''s story, and resolving it in a solo project might be the best way to go. Given that Disney+ is home to additional MCU stories, it''s reasonable to assume that the character would receive her own spinoff series on the streaming service.

If Marvel Studios decides to go with this strategy, then a six-episode series would flesh out the character even more, allowing the character to be enlivened even with cameos from Benedict Wong''s Wong and Benedict Cumberbatch''s Doctor Strange.

It''s also possible that the possibility Disney+ series might again explore Chavez''s origins from her original world, thus leading to the events of Multiverse of Madness. Doing this allows fans to spendsome time with her two mothers, allowing them to learn them even more before their tragic yet open-ended affair.

Exploring a solo initiative for America Chavez offers the opportunity to expand its position in the United Nations.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in cinemas throughout the world.

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