During a NYC walk, Justin Long and Kate Bosworth seize like boys in love

During a NYC walk, Justin Long and Kate Bosworth seize like boys in love ...

He''s just really into her.

On Thursday, Justin Long and Kate Bosworth saw the mirror image of a teenaged romance.

Paparazzi spotted the smitten pair as they went for a lunch in Manhattan during the warm spring day.

Long, 43, is seen tying Bosworth, 39, who reacts by playfully smacking his hands away from her in a video from the outing.

After his personal affection, the star of Hes Just Not That Into You politely advises the cameraman, OK, see you, thank you.

The Star of The Blue Crush first waved before connecting arms over her partners shoulder.

Long and Bosworth could not keep their hands off in additional photographs from their interactions.

Tad Hamilton was spotted posing Long tightly around his waist in a yellow hoodie, jean shorts, black sandals, and a white Balenciaga cap. During the conversation, the actor kept her close by with his arm over her shoulder.

Although the couple appeared to be comfortable in front of the cameras, a source exclusively tells Page Six that they asked photographers at one point to leave them alone.

Recent, Long and Bosworth have shunned their passion from the Big Apple to Hawaii.

During a vacation, the couple went to Kauaiin April and was seen posing lips and cuddling on the beach.

Although they are not shy to share their romance now with the public, Long first played coy when he revealed he had a girlfriend.

In December 2021, the Going the Distance star admitted to dating a person, but had never known her identity at the time.

Page Six had reportedly stated that Bosworth was his new lady that month.

In early 2021, the actors agreed to discuss a previously unknown film in Fayetteville, Ark.

Three months before she separated from her husband Michael Polish in August 2021, Bosworth gushed about Long on Instagram.

Long has since returned the compliment by citing her as the one she was in a recent interview.

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