Newsletter for Bustle: May 12, 2022

Newsletter for Bustle: May 12, 2022 ...

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Bennifer was going strong. Spider-Man was all over the radio, and The Bachelor had audience in a chokehold. Twenty years later, this exact same sentence (somehow?) is true. As always, Justin and Britney were still a thing, and so were Alanis Morissette and Ryan Reynolds???

We walked down the memory lane while exploring how 2002''s major trends have in common culture. Below, you may find some of the highlights from this very special TBT. Read More

Inside The Package

6 2002 Fashion Trends Weare Stoked Are Coming Back

Youave had your day in the sun, weare ready for something more Elle-Woodsian. (Or, if all fuschia isnat your bag, pair it with black for nails that would be Avril-approved today or 20 years ago.) Outside the Pepto pink, hereas everything you should be digging out of your closet RN: Read More

Avril Lavigne never made an appearance on the pop stage.

20 Celebrity Couples Who You Forgot To Date In 2002

Thanks in part to their reunion, but mostly to the grab of aJenny from The Blocka butt, thereas simply no forgetting Ben and Jenas coupledom. I personally will never forget about Dunst-Gyllenhall because of the salad-hands incident. But Alanis and Ryan Reynolds?! That feels like a parallel dimension. Read More

The Anna Nicole Show Was Performing As Away, So The Kardashians Could Run

Think about it. If She hadn''t imagined The Anna Nicole Showas'' initial intention to observe the wacky life of a former Playmate who was established on her back as a centerfold in the 1990s, a Kimas sex tape-to-reality-star journey would be far less convincing.

From 2002, the nine Wildest Magazine covers.

Jennifer Aniston and the cover of People magazine: Name a more famous duo (and donate you dare say Ross and Rachel) It was the Jen and Brad heyday, and the Friends star was a regular fixture on the weeklies in your grocery store aisle. Also notable from this list: Pink coming for Britneyas'' crown, and additional Salad-Fingers from Mrs. Dunst


Here''s How to Watch Your Daily Horoscope

What you want and what you need are different things. Read more

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