The Third Eye Cliffhanger from Doctor Strange 2 is explained by a Marvel writer

The Third Eye Cliffhanger from Doctor Strange 2 is explained by a Marvel writer ...

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now on its way through cinemas worldwide, bringing some of the most outrageous moments in any MCU film ever made. From introducing the MCU version of the Illuminati to introducing a darker Doctor Strange who boasted a third eye in his forehead, the horror stories and mystical changes came out in full force.

Avertissement - The rest of this article reveals spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange 2''s main characters were centered on Wanda Maximoff''s influence, fully unleashing her as the Scarlet Witch, and sending her on a rampage throughout the Multiverse to find her children. To combat this, Strange himself had to dive into the Darkhold''s pages, dreamwalking into the corpse of America Chavez''s Doctor Strange, and convincing her to trust in her abilities.

Fans watched Strange''s dive into the Darkhold in the final moments of the film, which was similar to that observed in Sinister Strange''s book of the Damned. Following Doctor Strange''s release, the sequel''s head writer shared how it got to fruition within the cinema.

Doctor Strange 2 Writer on Third Eye Ending

Michael Waldron, the writer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, discusses the film''s final scene in which Strange receives a third eye in his forehead.

Waldron spoke with Rolling Stone to a point when the film "had a happy ending," more than expected for a film "where a lot of bad hit occurs"

"I felt like we had a happy ending," said Wong, who said in the first film: "It''s like he got a lot of bad shit here." ''It''s like he said, "You had your own corpse." "It''s like Wong said, "It''s like this guy ever will suffer any harm," says the author. "It''s like he had an angry ending in horror movies

With Screen Rant, Waldron discussed Strange''s transition to this new form, bringing up the idea of Strange "embracing that darkness" following reading the Darkhold and performing its spells. It also reveals several more concerns about his future as he approaches the Dark Dimension:

"The bill comes due as Mordo warned in the first film. He used the Darkhold to possess his own corpse, and the Darkhold even took a long toll. I guess the question that our tag is asking is: Is Stephen taking on that dark? What does that mean for him? What path is he going down as he meets Clea and haunts off to the Dark Dimension?"

During an interview with Vanity Fair, the director discussed the ending of this movie to 500Days of Summer, highlighting how Christine Palmer hath his life, but does not represent himself in this film this time, even if it includes someone who has a "Third Eye."

Waldron dissected the moment in which Strange receives that extra eyeball, putting into question what this film''s main hero is, outweighed by the hypocritical act of causing an Incursion that Strange was concerned Wanda would create:

"It was doubly exciting." "It''s like, well, why has Strangeembraced this darkness so much?" Clea replies, "You caused an incursion. You did the thing perhaps theverythingthingYou wanted of Wanda would do. Now we have to fix it together." "It''s like, well, what is the significance of Strange''s embrace? He''s figuring out how to live with this on its own. What does that matter for our hero? "It''s an interesting

Where Does Strange Go From Here?

Doctor Strange, who plays one of Marvel Comics'' wildest actors, has gotten something off his forehead with a mysterious new eyeball. This sequelallowed Strange to go completely unhinged and unleashed as he utilized some of Marvel''s darkest powers in the Darkhold in order to keep all of reality in sync.

Fans are wondering how the Third Eye will add to his journey in future Doctor Strange sequels and Avengers-style team-up adventures.

Most immediately, it will give him even more power and vision as he travels to the Dark Dimension, the first time since Doctor Strange, has featured. These new consequences will also bring a bigger challenge for him on a personal level, as he fights off the darkness inside his father while still striving to do what''s best for the world and the Multiverse.

Doctor Strange in Madness''s Multiverse is now playing in cinemas worldwide.

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