Crocodile God Ammit's Much Scarier Design is Revealed in Moon Knight Art (Photos)

Crocodile God Ammit's Much Scarier Design is Revealed in Moon Knight Art (Photos) ...

Concept art for Moon Knight has slowly begun to tuck in. As the last episode of Disney+ has been released, fanfans have given us an idea of what might have been like London being consumed by sand, as directly inspired byJeff Lemire''s "Moon Knight," but a huge alternate design has been uncovered.

The same can be said for Ammit, who only appears in the series finale, "Gods & Monsters." The title of the episode may have been substantially more precise, as one design for Ammit was proposed to be significantly more monstrous.

Some Monstrous Concept Art of Ammit

Concept artistJerad Marantzposted her early concept art forAmmitinMoon Knight, which depicts her in a far more idiomistic format than her final humanoid appearance in the finale.Marantz expressed his gratitude for the series'' "pretty early" development process, which he and "a few other artists were just generating options."

Marantz''s Ammit artwork is far more in line with Egyptian mythology, giving the crocodile goddess a lion''s mane, which she lacked in the series finale. She was also proposed toappear far more demonic and animalistic, avoiding wearing clothes similar to her final design.

Marantz illustrated two design variations, one bipedal and another quadrantal, making her appear even more like a ravenous animal.

This rocky part of Ammit is far less regal than the one seen in the final series, who wears Egyptian-inspired clothes.

Marantz included a close-up of Ammit''s head, revealing her more crocodilian features, even more teeth, and a better eye on her mane.

Ammit''s last hairdo in the series is quite different, whereas she wears traditional braids. Ammit is also depicted as a terrible beast.

Ammit was painted on fire in red and blue flames, which means it''s unclear what purpose this series would have served, although it''s certainly troubling.

This was during the early stages of pre-production, and they likely hadn''t decided on a more humanoid Ammit at that point. This decision therefore was quickly discounted as an option.

Marantz even produced a reptilian god version with bright blue flames, creating a shocking picture as well.

A True Kaiju Battle

It''s funny that if Ammit had decided to go with this concept, she would have been a full-blown kaiju in the finale that Khonshu would have had to fight instead. But, it''s for the best that Ammit ended up with a far more humanoid design, as it would have been a bit confusing to see such a beastly design eloquently conversewith Harrow and Khonshu.

The ending battle between Ammit and Khonshu would certainly be stronger, since an Egyptian Godzilla would essentially attack Egypt. However, it was best to maintain cohesion in the design of the Egyptian gods.

It''s difficult to believe that fans have only seen the design for three of the Egyptian gods before the series'' final concludes. Perhaps fans will be given a chance to see more of these designs in Thor: Love and Thunder when Gorr attempts to butcher them.

Moon Knight is now available on Disney+.

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