Johnny Vs. Amber on Discovery+, A Doc About Depp, Heards Troubled History And Not Their Current Testimony Stream It Or Skip It

Johnny Vs. Amber on Discovery+, A Doc About Depp, Heards Troubled History And Not Their Current Test ...

The two-part Discovery+ doc Johnny vs. Amber goes back to 2020 and Johnny Depp''s libel lawsuit against The Sun. Much of the evidence has come back, though Depp''s trial, which is now held in Virginia, but is still streaming to the delight of celeb news junkies and the social media chatter-verse. Johnny vs. Amber seems to be putting it as a primer for their ongoing battle.


Amber Heard is being interviewed on a program called Young Hollywood. Johnnys is a fantastic person to work with. Hes got so much to offer. I think hes just he is quite aficionados for the industry. It''s like walking into a room and meeting Lauren Bacall. She''s quite something.

The Gist: It''s been over two years since Johnny Depps'' libel case against The Sun was settled, so it''s not a surprise to say the actor lost. In the aftermath, he unsuccessfully tried for an appeal before pivoting to the current trial, where he was accused of defamation for his Washington Post account, which he claims was a domestic abuser. In the verdict, Depp''s libel case involves the celebrity couples'' union, their divorce, and

The first segment, the Johnnys Story, features a legal team who defends Johnny''s life and reputation on trial, while senior counsel David Sherborne defends Depp''s conviction for drugs and alcohol abuse. There''s also a smattering of footage from celebrity gossip shows, from Depp''s meeting on the set of The Rum Diary, to the escalation of their romance and the subsequent flame-out, citing restraining orders and depositions. There''s also a

The texts, voice recordings, and footage that appear in Johnny vs. Amber are notable for anyone interested in celebrity minutiae. A video in the kitchen of their West Hollywood house where an agitated Depp guzzling wine is discovered, or the mutual recordings of their therapeutic process where the couple declares their undying love. Its a glimpse inside a relationship that would be troubled even if these two werent famous.

What Shows Will It Remind You Of? Depp has already testified in John C. Depp II v. Amber Laura Heard. But his ex-wife will once again stand before the trial begins on Monday, May 16th. Heard wants her ex-husband, and Ellen Barkin to testify. (Here''s how to follow the Depp v. Heard trial.)

All of the suing, counter suing, testimony, and speechifying in Depp v. Heard has spawned social media, from aggressive Justice for Johnny posters in the livestreams comment field, to TikTok doing what it does, transferring information to a theater of the bizarre territory, with people reporting Amber Heards testimony and impersonating Johnny Depp''s mannerisms. In the latter part, as Johnny vs. Amber plays audio over static footage from an Australian real estate website,

Sex and Skin: There''s nothing overtly salacious here. There''s a lot of cussing between Heard and Depp on the recordings that play. At one point, Depp referred to Heard As a shady, over-the-hill stripper. Yikes.

The second part of the series, Ambers Story, is reaffirming his legal team''s position in Depp v News Group Newspapers Ltd, and enacting the narrative. His ex-wife, David Sherborne, is accused of all of this shit, as he describes, lying in his bed. That''s why, we claim, and it''s so powerful point in demonstrating that these accusations are untrue. Baby, please

Johnny Depp''s very specific diction and description here, which hasn''t gone unnoticed in the storm of social media chatter about the defamation case in Fairfax County, Virginia. He says the finger was severed in a 2018 deposition. Everything in here was completely destroyed. It looked like Vesuvius.

Most Pilot-y Line: When it comes to bickering celebrities, Channel 4 news correspondent Minnie Stephenson emphasizes the distinction between private islands and public courtrooms. This story gave you, kind of, unparalleled access to celebrities who mostly live on private islands and get about on private jets, and this was a moment in which you might sort of see, in excruciating detail.

SKIP IT. Johnny vs. Amber offers some background on Depp and Heards'' difficult relationship, but it isnt essential to understanding or following along with the two current court proceedings.

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