The Echo Show 5 smart display on Amazon is for just $49.99

The Echo Show 5 smart display on Amazon is for just $49.99 ...

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Similar to its larger siblings, Amazon''s smart displays have been made for a few generations now, and the Echo Show 5 fits the bill of a "smart" alarm clock. It includes a wide variety of possibilities and settings that make it an enjoyable bedside companion. And at 40% discount, it''s a great time to consider moving away from an old alarm clock for a smart one.

The Echo Show 5 comes with a 5.5-inch screen that includes an intuitive, customizable Amazon OS. Yes, Alexa is front and center here. You can even control smart home gadgets with your voice or an on-screen touch. With a compatible smart thermostat, you don''t need to be tired during the night just to set the temperature down one or two degrees.

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On the Echo Show 5, you may also browse the internet, make video calls, get a daily news briefing, play music, and even watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. Plus, you can use it as a smart photo frame.

The Echo Show 5 on Amazon is a powerful smart display that would serve as an excellent alarm clock, particularly when faced with boring choices. Plus it can be used for a variety of things, like checking the weather, video calls, and even viewing television shows.

At the time of publication, prices are accurate and items are in stock.

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